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How Creative, Concise Collateral Materials Can Make Your Event a Success

Choosing the right style and design for the collateral materials you use to market your event can make all the difference in response and expectations.

Dictionary definitions of the word collateral usually include phrases such as “indirectly related to,” “in support of,” “reinforcing” and so on. But marketing collateral for an event can play an even more direct role in the event’s success than you might think. Creative and clever collateral materials for your event can actually help you reel in your target audience, direct their attention to the event itself, and help you maintain and nurture relationships long after the event has ended.

Spreading the Word in Style

You might be tempted to simply “email blast” your mailing list with a single message letting them know about (and RSVP to) your upcoming event. But for better results and recognition, you need to send out direct mail collateral as well. That’s because many people who routinely ignore unfamiliar emails or filter them as spam may be far more receptive to a colorful postcard or well-crafted invitation that appears in their physical mailbox. This is especially true if you use a handwriting font to address it, which conveys an extra little personal touch.

Since postcard space is limited, go for bold, dramatic color contrasts and a clever graphic image to grab the reader’s attention, keeping verbiage to the bare minimum necessary to sell the event. At the same time, go ahead and send out an email-based RSVP as well as a return-physical mail RSVP card, just to make sure all your bases are covered.

Guiding Your Guests Through the Event

Whether your event is a relatively modest affair or an enormous conference, you can’t be on hand to shepherd every guest through each part of the proceedings. This can open the door to confusion, frustration, unanswered questions, and even missed promotional opportunities. If your guests “can’t tell the players without a program” – then you had better create a program. This might be a literal program of scheduled events and speaker bios, or it might take the form of multiple full-color flyers or brochures, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the event.

You may also need to create information packets or workbooks for guests to use in breakout classes or seminars. If so, make sure you brand them with your company colors, message and logo so your identity is never far from the attendees’ minds.

Following Up for Future Relationships

Handing out souvenir bags to your departing guests isn’t just a friendly gesture; it also paves the way for your marketing collateral to keep working on your behalf. Stuff those bags with full-color brochures, flyers, coupons and promotional cards announcing your next events. Keep the message on each item short, sweet and to the point so your guests do not feel burdened by reading them.

The clever event host does not let the end of the event spell the end of the marketing relationship; the fortune, as they say, is in the follow-up. Colorful thank-you cards are always welcome and will quickly revive pleasant memories of your event. Comment cards are genuinely useful for helping you structure future events while also sending the message that you care about your audience’s input.

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iprovadminHow Creative, Concise Collateral Materials Can Make Your Event a Success

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