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The Best Ways to Use Print Marketing in a Digital World

Print marketing strategies are still important, even in today’s digital world. Knowing how to integrate print and digital marketing effectively can boost your company’s growth.

With the emphasis on social media, blog posts and other online tools, traditional print marketing strategies seem to be overshadowed by digital marketing methods. However, print still has a significant impact on marketing.  

How Important Is Print?

According to a Nielsen Company report, more than 50% of consumers in the US use print on a weekly basis to get information on sales and products. Roughly 68% of retailers rely on print as part of their marketing strategy, compared with 8% that consider digital a vital part of their marketing efforts.

While subscriptions are decreasing, newspapers remain important in the world of print marketing, and around 43% of businesses in the US use newspapers to advertise promotions and specials.

That promotional print-marketing strategy paid off according to a survey that revealed roughly 63% of Internet users in the US use coupons found in print publications like magazines and newspapers.

Integrating Print and Digital Marketing Strategies

When you focus exclusively on either print or digital, you are not taking full advantage of the opportunities that these marketing methods offer when used together. Finding ways to combine the two can result in a much broader and more powerful reach that draws in a large number of new clients or customers. There are several strategic ways to integrate print and digital marketing, including:

QR Codes

Quick Response or QR codes are barcodes placed on packaging, billboards, flyers and other forms of print marketing. Consumers scan the QR codes with their smartphones, and the embedded code directs their device to your company’s website.

QR codes are easy to use and provide a fast, efficient way for consumers to discover new products. They also increase traffic to your website, which can lead to higher conversion rates and sales.

Links and Hashtags

From brochures to business cards, traditional print marketing materials should feature links to your official company websites and social media pages, as well as your branded hashtags. While these print materials are meant to provide contact information for interested consumers, phone numbers and physical addresses are not enough with a digital phonebook at our fingertips.

Including links on these materials gives consumers a convenient way to read more about your company. It also highlights your company’s online presence, which is crucial to marketing success in the digital world.

Local Promotions and Coupons

You can integrate print and digital marketing to advertise your business’s local promotions and coupons more effectively. Print ads advertising a special or sale should include your company’s website address, which encourages your target audience to find out more online.

Another way to combine print and digital is to offer printable coupons online. This is an easy way to encourage foot traffic in your store or place of business. If your business uses e-commerce, you can also use verification codes in print marketing to drive traffic to your site. Try a tagline like, “Use this verification code to get a discount online!” to increase conversion rates.

Rather than dismissing print marketing strategies as outdated, find ways to use print in conjunction with digital methods to build a stronger brand overall and attract more customers.

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Arkansas GraphicsThe Best Ways to Use Print Marketing in a Digital World

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