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Make a BIG Impact on Customers with Large Format Printing

Advances in large format printing have made it more affordable, fast, and durable than ever before. Create banners, signs, and posters to curate a strong customer base.

If you’re looking to make a BIG impact on your customers, large format printing is one of the easiest marketing methods. Large format printing has been proven to garner attention and stimulate interest in ways that smaller print can’t reach. Choose a print shop that has invested in the latest wide format printing technologies to ensure you’re provided with a large range of options for your marketing needs.

Types of Large Format Printing

A wide format printer can create a number of different marketing materials, such as banners, posters, signs, billboards, and even murals. These are great to display at trade shows, events, conferences, store openings, or even at your business location. You can also place them near busy roads or intersections to capture the attention of passersby.

If you are looking for a more creative and unique approach to captivating your customers, large format printers can also create vehicle or building wraps. These are excellent options to promote your business on the go or when you open a new location.

For an even more personalized touch, some large format printers can print on wallpaper, fabric, and even ceiling tiles for a truly artistic atmosphere. You can create an entirely branded office space that will inspire employee and company success.

Reasons to Choose Large Format Printing

The advantages of large format marketing materials go beyond the surface message. With new UV-curable inks, large format prints last much longer than they used to. With old aqueous inks, prints only lasted for six months before showing wear. However, with the UV-curable inks, prints can stay bright and fresh for up to four years in direct sunlight.

This long-lasting durability will save you thousands of dollars over the years, as one sign can last many times longer than its older counterpart.

In addition, the printing process is much more eco-friendly than before, as you won’t need to waste materials updating signs as often. Thanks to the flexibility of this kind of printing, signs and banners can also be printed from recycled materials to even further reduce your carbon footprint.

Wide format printers can also produce high quality images, meaning that you can choose a design that is fine and detailed without fear of it turning out pixilated or blurry. Additionally, because technology allows wide format printing in increasingly short turn arounds, you no longer need a huge inventory of signs stored away somewhere.

Stay On Top of the Trend

With an increase in quality and a decrease in price, wide format printing is on the rise across the nation. In a survey conducted by InfoTrends in 2011, businesses estimated that they bought a large format application around 5.4 times a year, which was an increase from 2009.

Perhaps one reason that large-scale formats are increasingly popular is because of their integration with QR codes. The same survey found that 20% of buyers used QR codes and additional interactive media tools on their signs. QR codes are an easy way to allow customers to connect directly with your company and find out more information without too much hassle.

If you’re part of a company or business in Arkansas that is looking to invest in large format printing, contact Arkansas Graphics today at 501-263-2649 to get an estimate on your project.

Arkansas GraphicsMake a BIG Impact on Customers with Large Format Printing

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