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Real World Examples of Large Format Print Marketing Used in Business

marketing with signs and banners

Large format print marketing continues to be a powerful tool for businesses across the country. Innovative approaches to marketing with signs and banners continue to evolve.

Marketing with signs and banners using large format print technology continues to be a leading way for businesses to spread the word. As time goes on, the quality, mediums and uses of large format print marketing are constantly evolving. For many, large format print marketing provides businesses with effective but affordable solutions to generate customers and expand their brand awareness.

Recent Trends in Large Format Print Marketing

A joint study conducted in 2011 by FESPA and InfoTrends found that the world of large format print marketing using signs and banners is developing at an astonishing rate. One major change can be found in the efficiency of operations and the technology by which they are created. While the speed and quality of large format print technology improves, so does the need for new business models to accommodate these changes.

The most successful large format print marketing campaigns are those which seek to combine efficient operations with innovative techniques. For example, incorporating QR codes or other cross media elements in large format graphics have proven very successful in increasing engagement and generating revenue for both printers and buyers.

Styles and Formats

The design, printing, finishing, and display size of large format print advertisements will always vary depending on your company’s specific needs. While some businesses are looking for a high definition banner including their branding, telephone number, and website to encourage communication, others may opt for something more simple, like a yard sign, to promote awareness.

Everything from the tiniest business card to a massive promotional poster can garner considerable attention if done correctly. Deciding upon the best font, colors, style, graphic elements, and overall layout should be no problem when you’re working with the right print marketing company where complete customization of large format prints is always an option.

Real World Examples of Large Format Print at Work

Examples of large format print marketing with signs and banners can be found everywhere:

  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Movie Theaters
  • Information Kiosks
  • Trade Shows
  • Office Buildings
  • Conferences
  • Festivals

Printing can now be done on a myriad of materials, making the applications of large format printing virtually limitless so every business can get exactly what they need at a reasonable price.

Simplistic but eye-catching banners, like the examples we have produced for the Ozark Conference Center, can make a big impact without breaking the budget. More engaging banners like the one used above to advertise Camp Solgohachia are perfect for providing essential information along with engaging graphics that garner attention.

For businesses that would like to increase their sales revenue and grow their client base, Arkansas Graphics is a local industry leader with years of experience providing customers with signs and banners to accommodate their unique needs. To learn more, contact us to find out how marketing with signs and banners can boost your business.

Arkansas GraphicsReal World Examples of Large Format Print Marketing Used in Business

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