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Utilizing Data in Your Print Marketing and Measuring the Results

There’s a misconception that snail mail is an archaic practice, but research shows it could actually be more effective than email.

Direct Mail Marketing Is a Great Way to Generate Business

Not everyone has given up on snail mail, and there is a great reason for that persistence, it works: 98% of all people pick up their mail daily and 77% of them sort their mail immediately. They don’t let it sit in their inbox for hours or sometimes days like many people do with email. Consider how getting a piece of real mail feels: hopeful, excited, and interested.

For these reasons and more, using direct mailing is an effective way to generate business. There is plenty of evidence that direct mail marketing still generates leads and sales and can be an effective tool in increasing sales. According to the 1-to-1 Response Report done by Caslon and Company in Rochester, NY, personalized direct mail marketing is four times more likely to be opened than a static mail effort.

How Do You Use Data in Print Marketing to Ensure Direct Mailing Is Working?

The first step in a direct mailing is to measure the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign. This can be as simple as requiring the customer to return a form when making an order or asking for information found on a form, for example there may be a custom URL for computer responses, or there may be a dedicated phone number associated with the campaign.

There should be something so the business can tell the difference between normal sales and inquiries from those generated from the direct mailing efforts. Without this information, there will be no way to tell what is considered regular business and what business is generated from direct mailing.

If new business has been generated thanks to the direct mailing efforts, it is easy to take the amount spent on the campaign and divide revenue generated by the direct mail by the cost of the mailing. This will tell the business if the expense and the effort were worth it. If the effort was worth it, the same campaign can be used with the control group, or a change or two can be made that might be even more effective with the control group than it had been with the test group.

One of the ways to make a direct mailing effort stick out is to have the direct mail personalized to the recipient, and to ensure that it is colorful and eye catching. Although runny ink or other problems with the appearance of the mail won’t necessarily ruin anyone’s reputation, it is a good way to have the direct mail thrown into the trash immediately rather than read.

Arkansas Graphics, Inc. in Little Rock can provide the materials you need to make direct mailing work for you. We have a dedicated team that has been certified by the USPS for quality control. Contact us so we can show you how we can help with your direct mail marketing. You can also call us at 501-263-2649

Arkansas GraphicsUtilizing Data in Your Print Marketing and Measuring the Results

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