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Rebranding Your Business Part Two: Designing New Marketing Materials

Rebranding new marketing materials

After you assess your brand, it is time to design the new face of your organization with graphics, a new message, and updated marketing materials.

Your brand is more than your logo. Your brand is the combination of all of your advertisements, marketing materials, and messages. In short, your brand is the overall experience that customers have when interacting with you. Sometimes, a business may decide to undergo a rebrand. This is done for many reasons, such as if the current brand is not delivering the appropriate results, if the direction of the business has changed, or if your business wishes to reach a new demographic.

The first phase of rebranding is to conduct a brand assessment. This process will help you to hone your new message, understand what went wrong with the old brand, and prepare you for designing new marketing materials.

In the second phase of your business rebranding efforts, you should plan your brand image with the help of branded marketing.

Step #1: Tell Your Story with Graphics

After you have conducted a brand analysis, the next item in the rebranding checklist is to determine how to tell your story with graphics. Your graphics tell your company’s story, so it is wise to hire a graphic designer to assist you with this step.

A trained graphic designer is skilled at taking pieces of your company’s culture and translating them into a usable, compelling design. While your rebrand effort is much more than simply creating a new logo, creating a new logo is typically involved. Many graphic design firms offer project quotes and additional information before taking on a design project, so it is wise to start with this step.

Step #2: Revise and Refine Your Message

Before you order marketing materials, spend plenty of time revising and refining your overall message. Avoid making common rebranding mistakes, one of which is rolling out a new brand message before it has been tested.

To test your message, solicit feedback from existing customers, employees, and even focus groups before you order your new materials. It is well worth the time to ensure that your new marketing messages are hitting home with the right demographic before spending time and money producing them.

Step #3: Invest in New Marketing Materials

Now that you have revised and refined your message, it is time to brainstorm some marketing material ideas. There are many types of marketing materials available, so which ones are right for you? Perhaps you would benefit from print marketing, such as direct mailers and business cards. Or, perhaps you need marketing materials better suited for trade shows, such as t-shirts and coffee mugs. Your new branding materials can also be put into digital format for email blasts and social media campaigns.

These three steps in your rebranding efforts are essential ones, as they truly create the face and personality of your business. After these steps, you will be prepared to launch your new brand: you will likely have a new logo, a new message and a new set of marketing materials for customers to see.

Are you ready to start designing new marketing materials? Contact Arkansas Graphics at 877-918-4847 to begin the process of rebranding your business. We are happy to help you achieve a new message for your business!

Arkansas GraphicsRebranding Your Business Part Two: Designing New Marketing Materials

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