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4 Ways That Print Marketing Can Drastically Improve Your Company’s Brand Awareness

Using print advertising wisely can increase brand awareness and target your potential customers directly in an over-saturated digital market.

With so many businesses focusing their efforts on online presence, traditional print media marketing is often overlooked. However, print advertising is highly effective and can be a formidable weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Print is often much cheaper than comparable online campaigns, and technology has made print media available in endless formats. Use variable data in print marketing campaigns to increase response rates. Track your data with QR codes and PURLs to glean information about which of your campaigns is performing best. A mix of digital and traditional print marketing is the best way to increase brand awareness:

1. Direct Mail

Direct mailing campaigns are one of the most effective print marketing strategies. 79% of consumers surveyed report that they read direct mailings, and 39% say they will visit a business because of it. Most surprisingly, a whopping 92% of younger people say they prefer direct mail over digital advertising. On average, businesses experience a 13 to one ROI on their direct mail marketing.

You can maximize your success with direct mailing campaigns by utilizing variable data in print marketing. Variable data allows you to personalize your consumer’s experience with your brand, which will increase their likelihood of converting.

2. Business Cards

The traditional business card is coming back into style. As long as people meet face-to-face, business cards will be asked for and exchanged. A smart card embossed with your company logo is still one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness. Modern printing technology has made the business card more attractive than ever. Be sure to follow our business card design best practices to get the most out of their use.

3. PURLs and QR Codes

Personalized URLs and QR Codes are a perfect example of how to meld your digital marketing with traditional print. With the proliferation of mobile devices, QR codes and PURLs are an essential element of your digital outreach. They allow a simple way for online users to reach the most relevant pages of your site—and the easier it is for consumers to reach you, the more likely they are to take action.

PURLs allow you to create a customized landing page for each potential customer in your campaign. If they visit the page, you will be able to track consumer activity up through conversion. Using PURLs can give you a lot of information about demographic response and consumer response to your advertising campaigns.

QR codes can be custom designed with variable data to personalize consumer experience with your brand. Be sure that your logo, your website, and your print advertising all tie together to create a seamless brand experience for your customers.

4. Catalogues and Brochures

People are visual creatures, and high quality, printed catalogues and brochures are very popular with consumers as a relaxing alternative to scrolling through multiple web pages. If you offer a multitude of products, they should be showcased in a catalogue or brochure as well as on your website. You can offer special coupons with QR codes or PURLs that drive customers to your site.

You can also use variable data to personalize your catalogues and material with consumer names and information. High-quality print catches the eye and automatically associates your brand with high-quality products and services. You can use print advertising to catch your customer’s eye from their mailboxes, kitchen counters, and living rooms—long after they have shut their computer screen off.

Brand awareness is about putting yourself in front of the consumer in as many formats as possible. Seeing your brand in different places and structures lends legitimacy to your brand in the minds of your audience. Keep your logo, message, and branding consistent, in as many formats as possible, and you will be amazed by the authority it lends to your corporate brand.

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Arkansas Graphics4 Ways That Print Marketing Can Drastically Improve Your Company’s Brand Awareness

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