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How to Design the Perfect Direct Mail Campaign

how to design the perfect direct mail campaign, direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing is one of the best ways to target specific demographics with a personalized message.

Internet and email marketing dominate today’s marketing scene, and they are indispensable tools. However, when you use direct mail marketing in conjunction with your digital marketing, you’re almost guaranteed to increase your marketing ROI. Direct mail marketing works incredibly well when it is designed and implemented correctly.

Planning Your Perfect Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail marketing campaigns should be designed to keep your customer’s interest and steer them towards converting. Some important fundamentals to keep in mind while designing an effective direct mail marketing campaign include:

Use a Variety of Approaches

Despite the popularity of email, there is something psychologically appealing about receiving a tangible letter. The excitement of receiving personalized mail is why letters and postcards are two of the most effective direct mail campaign materials.

Colorful flyers detailing your products and services or slick, glossy catalogs are also an excellent way to tap into the consumer’s desire for tactile interactions. Utilize a mix of print materials as part of your ongoing direct mail campaigns. One great thing about direct mail is that you can track the results and tweak your strategy accordingly.

Utilize a Strong Call-to-Action

A powerful call-to-action is essential to your marketing success. To create a strong call-to-action, decide what you want from your potential customers. Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to visit your website? Do you want them to order a product? A call-to-action tells your customer what you want and gives them the opportunity to follow through!

For example: “Help distinguish your company from the crowd! Download our Corporate Branding Suite to get started!”

Did it work? We bet most of you clicked the link…

Include the PURL of the web page you want them to visit, the number you want them to call, or the QR code you want them to scan. Using PURLs, QR codes, and trackable phone numbers are all excellent ways to track the successfulness of your campaigns.

Repeat the Call-to-Action

People skim through pages, especially when looking over catalogs and flyers. Your brain saves energy by scanning to pick up the most important information with minimal effort. To keep your customers engaged, keep your message clear and short, and repeat your call-to-action on every page.

Give Customers Multiple Ways to Reply

Always include your site’s URL, a toll-free or local number, and a physical address where your company can be reached. This creates legitimacy and also makes it easier for your customers to reach out to you. You may also consider including a self-addressed, prepaid postcard or envelope with your campaign so they can respond instantly.

Invest in High-Quality Print

If you’re sending printed materials, be sure to invest in high-quality printing. People associate quality with trustworthiness, which means cheap paper or pixelated images can get your carefully planned campaign tossed in the trash.

If you want to learn how to design the perfect direct mail campaign for your company, contact Arkansas Graphics, Inc. at 501-263-2649 to speak with one of the specialists on our direct mail marketing team.

Arkansas GraphicsHow to Design the Perfect Direct Mail Campaign

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