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How Personalized Materials Make A Difference

Does your marketing lack the personal touch? Variable data and imaging can help.

All too frequently, print (and other) marketing materials for Arkansas companies tend to blend into an anonymous mush in the eyes and minds of their prospective customers. No matter how eye-catching the visuals or how compelling the sales pitch, today’s audiences want something more- namely, individual attention. Fortunately, variable imaging technology and strategies can supply that personal touch, from direct mail to promotional campaigns. Let us examine how variable imaging works, and how it can personalize the messages you send to those individuals who buy from you.

What Is Personalized Marketing, and Why Does It Matter?

Personalized marketing is the direct opposite of mass marketing, that traditional technique for getting the same message out to a large swath of the population. This approach narrows the target market down beyond demographic, geographic, or industry segments to focus on an audience of one. This one-to-one approach gives each individual recipient a unique experience in a manner that compels genuine attention. Personalization can turn a marketing piece from a generic throwaway into an item that holds specific value or meaning for the person holding it.

Putting Personalization to Work Through Variable Data and Imaging

Personalized print and promotional marketing is only feasible thanks to variable data and imaging. This technology lets you sift through the riches of your business’s customer data to concoct personal messages. The messages then make their way into individualized marketing pieces via variable imaging techniques. Examples include:

  • Personalized direct mail– The standard “Dear Sir or Madam” approach to direct mail does not make a very direct impact on readers. Variable imaging permits the creation of more personal statements based on the recipients’ known buying behaviors and preferences.
  • Small-batch signage creation– Sending the same sets of signage to all your branch offices or stores is false economy if that signage does not really suit the individual locations. Instead, use variable imaging to create small batches of personalized signage. These batches can then be sent to their intended sites, where they will make an ideally strong and relevant impression.
  • One-of-a-kind packaging– The “Share a Coke” campaign garnered huge attention once customers realized they might find their own names printed on a Coke can or bottle- or order individualized Cokes online. In this case, variable imaging has actually caused a company’s target market to seek out the message!
  • Contest and game results– Scratch-off lottery tickets, games, and other such contests would be impossible without variable imaging. The technique enables each card or game piece to offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Choose the Provider of Variable Data that Arkansas Businesses Trust

If personalized marketing sounds like a valuable strategy for your organization, choose the provider of variable data Arkansas businesses trust. Arkansas Graphics offers a full range of Arkansas printing services, including variable data and variable imaging options. Contact Arkansas Graphics by calling 501-263-2649 for more information today!

Arkansas GraphicsHow Personalized Materials Make A Difference

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