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Startling Statistics on Corporate Signage and How It Benefits Your Business

Start marketing your business with corporate signage printing in Arkansas.

Business owners should never underestimate the many benefits of corporate signage printing.

Advancements in digital technology have created opportunities for marketing and advertising that business owners wouldn’t have believed were possible even 15 years ago. All of these new possibilities are certainly exciting for local businesses, many of whom can now spend relatively little money on marketing projects that used to carry a much higher price tag. However, by focusing too heavily on new technology you can ignore the very real benefits of traditional signage. High-quality, well-placed corporate signage printing can have a big impact on your brand recognition and revenue, and it’s still cost effective, so owners with even modest marketing budgets can utilize it to their advantage.

Most People Have Purchased a Product Because of a Sign

According to a FedEx survey, over three-fourths of consumers have entered a store they were unaware of based solely on a sign they saw. But signage is not just a solution for increasing awareness; it has a tangible effect on sales as well. The same survey also found that 68% of respondents had purchased a product or service because of signage. Potential customers want to be made aware of innovative solutions to their problems, and corporate signage can significantly increase your visibility.

Correlation with the Quality of Signage and Quality of Your Product

It’s important to remember that not all signs are created equal. While a high-quality sign can be a boon for your business, a poorly-designed effort can negatively impact your brand identity. Over two-thirds of American consumers drew a direct link between the quality of a company’s signage and the quality of their offerings. This is especially important when considered in context with the primacy of word-of-mouth. If your signs are reflecting poorly on your image, consumers will likely share their opinion with others when asked for advice.

Potential Customers are Relocating to Your Area

Some business owners think a particular sign has outlived its usefulness if it’s been in the same location for a period of time. They may believe that everyone who can see the sign has already seen it, but in actuality, there are always new potential customers who are moving to a location. Approximately 12% of the United States population relocates in a given year, which means you always have an expanded consumer pool who will see your corporate signage printing.

Signage Is More Cost Effective Than Media Buys

Signs still offer remarkable value in comparison to other media outlets such as newspapers and television. To reach 1,000 views on television it costs slightly less than $10, and it’s nearly $3 to reach the same audience via a newspaper ad. On-site signage, by contrast, costs an average $0.02 per 1,000 impressions, which is the cost of the signage divided by the average number of people that view it over the sign’s lifespan.

Highly Effective for Customers Who Live Near Your Business

Customers who live within a five-mile radius are the lifeblood of any local business. They have the potential to turn into long-term buyers, who are less expensive than new customers to motivate to purchase, and generally contribute more revenue with each purchase. This person potentially sees your signage 60 times per month, meaning you can continuously reach them with a limited investment.

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Arkansas GraphicsStartling Statistics on Corporate Signage and How It Benefits Your Business

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