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Are Your Cross Media Marketing Plans Call-to-Action Oriented?

The key to cross media marketing success hinges on generating the right call-to-action.

Cross media marketing is a highly successful advertising strategy that leverages several mediums to create a cohesive marketing campaign. The most important key to this type of marketing tactic is the effective use of a call-to-action. Calls-to-action should incentivize the recipient to take another next step to interact with your brand, rather than simply generating awareness of your services. This next step could be to purchase a product, enroll in a new service, or simply stay tuned for future messages. Through QR codes and PURLs, print marketing incentives can optimize the performance of your cross media marketing efforts.

Top Ways to Implement Incentives

A good print marketing campaign should always include a strong call-to-action, much like a sales incentive. A print marketing incentive might be encouraging the recipient to make a phone call, apply a coupon code, visit a website, or purchase a product or service. With this in mind, it is of the utmost importance that the recipient has some type of incentive that is specifically designed to encourage an activity they would not know to do otherwise. In other words, you need to utilize an incentive that enhances your sales funnel and initiates consumer actions.

Consider the following print marketing incentives as potential ways to generate consumer actions:

  • Free trials, consultations, or quotes
  • Sweepstakes and giveaways
  • Referral rewards
  • Loyalty programs
  • Sales coupons
  • Product bundles

These incentives all have something in common: they leverage the power of human psychology to encourage a direct action for the right person at the right time.

Creating the Right Call-to-Action for a Cross Media Marketing Campaign

Developing a strong call-to-action takes practice and knowledge. It is a skill that every marketer and business owner should employ to achieve the best marketing results. While there is a concrete set of steps that will guarantee a strong call-to-action, the following six steps will help you to craft a powerful message:

  1. Construct Your Sales Funnel. A call-to-action needs to follow a clear path that your potential customer will not get lost in. The sales funnel should follow a clear hierarchy that gently leads the recipient to the desired action.
  2. Conduct Consumer Research. Before you can choose an incentive for your call-to-action, you must first get to know your customer and their spending habits. Do some behavior analysis and review your sales figures to see which promotions will work and choose an incentive that specifically targets your intended audience.
  3. Add the Incentive. While a call-to-action “asks” for a certain reaction, it should also “tell” a customer what is in it for them. Identify key words that will pique their interest and highlight or emphasize this call-to-action messaging in your print campaign.
  4. Optimize User Experience. Simplicity reigns king. If you decide to employ PURLs in your campaign, make the landing page design simple and easy to understand. If you encourage phone calls, make sure your sales representatives have the right scripts and processes to follow. If you distribute coupon codes, make them easy to use and track when and how consumers use them.
  5. Analyze the Results. Test, measure, and analyze your campaign results. With your sales funnel in place, an easy-to-use incentive, and the right tracking methods, you should have plenty of data to analyze that will help to improve future print marketing endeavors.

If you build your cross media marketing campaigns using these tips, expect to see better results. Remember to construct each call-to-action using personalized communication that reaches across multiple channels so that you can successfully reach your intended recipients.

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Arkansas GraphicsAre Your Cross Media Marketing Plans Call-to-Action Oriented?

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