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4 Ways Green Printing Can Empower Small Businesses

Green printing does not just help the environment, it can help you cut costs and position your small business as a socially responsible enterprise.

For a small business, the term “green printing” may sound like an expensive add-on. But it’s actually an easy and practical way for you to save money and promote not only green living, but also your small business as a responsible steward of the environment. Taking the time to find a commercial printer that utilizes environmentally friendly practices is how small businesses use green printing to their advantage in cutting costs and tying their values to their brand.

Here are four things to look for when selecting a green commercial printer for your next print project:

1. Print on Demand

Print on demand (POD) is the concept of printing exactly the number of materials you need instead of ordering an excess “just in case.” Print on demand reduces paper waste on the front end as well as reducing the chances of your collecting outdated materials that will have to be tossed when the next brochure or data update rolls around.

Print-on-demand production removes the need for you to store printed items or have an overstock of out-of-date materials. This saves money, time, and effort by reducing overruns, material waste, and warehousing costs. You’ll save money twice by only ordering and paying for the materials you need and by saving paper from being wasted on redundant materials—a cost that is often passed on to your customer.

2. Utilize Environmentally-Friendly Inks

Over the past decade, ink production has become greener both environmentally and economically. By synthesizing organic compounds derived from fruit and vegetable pigments, the print industry has reduced its negative impact on the environment while bolstering the agriculture industry. By choosing a commercial printer that uses environmentally-friendly inks, you can empower your business, promote eco-friendly products, and support farmers both locally and nationwide.

3. Energy-Efficient Printers and Production

Look for commercial printers that are capable of receiving online print orders, offer lower-emission shipping solutions, and deliver electronic proofs for your print projects. Managing online orders is easier and less time-consuming which cuts back on man hours devoted to the project and saves you time and money. This simplifies processes on both your and the printer’s side, which are savings that can then be passed to your employees and customers.

The newest printers and print equipment are more efficient and use less power than older models, so be sure to use a printer that invests in high-quality equipment.

4. Recycle

Using recycled paper helps reduce deforestation and potential waste from new paper production. Any commercial printer that specializes in green printing practices should have information and statistics readily available that demonstrate their eco-friendly commitment. These commercial printers will typically recycle their own materials, including ink canisters, printing plates, and cardboard cores, creating a sustainable production cycle.

In some cases, virgin paper has less of a carbon footprint than recycled paper – it has only been processed and shipped once and it hasn’t been exposed to the harmful chemicals required to pulp and bleach recycled paper. However, it is still important to buy virgin paper from sources who practice sustainable forestry and paper manufacturing. In smaller runs, and for specialty projects, this may be a more sustainable choice for your company.

Whether you use virgin or recycled paper for your project, remember to recycle any excess to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Identifying commercial printers with an across-the-board commitment to reducing their environmental imprint is how small businesses use green printing to help establish company values. Ultimately, green printing has a positive impact on the environment, your bottom line, and the perception of your business within the community.

If you want to learn more about how small businesses use green printing, contact Arkansas Graphics today at 501-263-2649. Our print-on-demand production model allows us to offer sustainable print marketing options for your projects.

Arkansas Graphics4 Ways Green Printing Can Empower Small Businesses

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