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Today’s printing businesses have to prove their environmental credentials on a regular basis. Green issues are at the top of the agenda for many print buyers. The printing industry has to look at the way resources are used and managed, as well as the potential impact that it has on the world around us.

Paying environmental lip service is no longer enough. At Arkansas Graphics, we have been working to gain a range of recognizable accreditations to help illustrate our commitment to good practice and policy towards environmental matters.

We want our customers to see us as a business that is working towards greener printing and a company that takes these issues seriously.

Global Commitment. Local Promise.

AGI’s commitment to the environment is clear. On average, we recycle a whopping 360 Tons of waste paper per year, which is equivalent to saving over 6,000 trees, over 140,000 gallons of oil or over 32,000 cubic feet of landfill space. On top of this we have a full recycling program in place for all our waste, including plastics, metals, etc. Of course, all our waste chemicals are disposed of according to industry regulations.

Confused whether to use environmentally friendly paper or recycled? Should it be 50%, 70%, 90%, etc.? Let AGI help you untangle the many products available in the market place to give you a clear conscience marketing message on all your marketing material.

Arkansas GraphicsArkansas Graphics’ Green Printing Solutions

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