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Why Political Lawn Signs Are Still Relevant This Election

Political lawn signs remain one of the most popular methods of building brand awareness and voter support.

In an election filled with online ads and social media battlegrounds, it might be easy to overlook physical campaign materials such as signs. The fact of the matter is that political lawn signs are holding their ground as an effective method of propelling Arkansas candidates to victory. Here are some of the top reasons why you should invest in political lawn sign printing as a relevant form of grassroots marketing for your campaign.

Political Lawn Signs Are Statistically Backed

A recent study conducted by Columbia University revealed that signage can sway voters and even be the deciding factor in close elections. The study observed four political races at varying levels of government to measure the effectiveness of political lawn signs. The results showed that candidates who printed and distributed political lawn signs increased their voter share by an average of 1.7 percent. When this impact is projected over tens of thousands of voters, the influence is significant.

This effect is enough to alter elections that are decided by fewer than a few percentage points. The researchers concluded that the persuasive effect of lawn signs puts them on par with other popular political materials, such as direct mail, making them a statistically backed choice for your campaign.

Political Lawn Signs Have a Viral Effect

Social proof is one of the primary reasons why political lawn signs are so effective. This term describes the strong human tendency to look to others for cues on how to behave. Campaign signs allow your current Arkansas supporters to create a viral effect by publicly displaying their affiliation and swaying friends, neighbors, and passersby who may be on-the-fence voters.

Political Lawn Signs Create Allegiance

Candidates who print lawn signs and give them to supporters for free create a unique form of allegiance. The psychology behind giving away lawn signs is reciprocity: If you give something to someone, they are more likely to return a favor. Because signs are a physical object with a perceived value, the principle of reciprocity is stronger that with other campaign materials. This simple act of generosity can help you collect contact information, drive word of mouth, and inspire votes on election day.

Political Lawn Signs Build a Brand

One of the biggest reasons political lawn signs are still relevant is that they are a physical representation of a candidate’s most valuable asset: their brand. By printing political lawn signs, you ensure your name will be top of mind as people make their way around your campaign territory. The simplicity of lawn sign branding is not polarizing like other forms of political advertising, so you are less likely to accidently drive away potential supporters. Lastly, because lawn signs are typically associated with professionally executed campaigns, the official appearance of a well-designed sign also translates to your qualification as the candidate of choice.

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Arkansas GraphicsWhy Political Lawn Signs Are Still Relevant This Election

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