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4 Ways to Use the 40-60% of Your Ad Budget That Is Wasted on Electronic Branding Materials

While the growth of digital marketing methods is taking precedent in the advertising world, research has shown that, depending on the industry, 40-60% of customers still prefer printed branding materials.

Did you know that the average magazine ad has a net recall of nearly two times that of Internet banner ads?
A company that focuses solely on digital marketing materials can be missing out on a large opportunity to impact the right audience. Companies that take advantage of various advertising mediums within an integrated marketing strategy realize that print materials are still very relevant to our technology-immersed society, no matter how digital the world gets.

1. Direct Mailers

Did you know that 30-40% of people prefer direct mail for health information, insurance and financial services statements?

Marketing emails are sent to massive contact lists, often un-segmented and containing some amount of people who are not interested in receiving your message. These emails may get ignored or flagged as spam. The Direct Marketing Association found the average response rate to direct mailers was 10-30 more than the response rate to emails. With the use of direct mail also comes the opportunity to utilize variable data and variable imaging in conjunction with a cross media campaign, which can be integrated with digital marketing methods as well. Through database management of your contacts and their demographic data, each piece of marketing material they receive can be specifically addressing their needs and direct them to an online resource, like a personalized URL (PURL).

Research has shown that physically holding and touching an object helps a reader connect an emotion or thought to the object. A direct mailer has to be seen – even if that means browsing the cover before tossing it in the trash. When executing a direct mail campaign, a professional printing company in Arkansas can produce high quality pieces that will make a big impact on your audience.

2. Newsletters and Annual Reports

Many businesses fail to keep up with their customers via regular newsletters. Printed newsletters and annual reports provide the reader with something to hold on to and evaluate in a personal and memorable way. As compared to an email newsletter, printed materials are more likely to connect with those who aren’t as fond of reading articles through their phone or computer screen. Out of sight out of mind, right? A physical, printed piece is easier for readers to return to when they feel like catching up and making their own notes for future purchases.

3. POS and Promotional Products

Did you know that 89% of those who kept a promotional product within the past 2 years can recall the advertiser?

Today’s consumer is all about what your company can do for them. POS (Point of Sale) displays, like a coupon book, brochure, or catalog, will promote your company as they are voluntarily taken home, posted on the fridge, or left out on the table.

Promotional materials from a professional printing company in Arkansas can include everything from a free pen to a beach towel. The majority of consumers (69%) have been found to keep and use these promotional items, forming positive feelings about the brand that supplied them.

4. Corporate Identity Materials

Finally, don’t forget about the powerful impact of branded business cards, letterhead, and stationary. Your business needs to stay professional and be ready to pick up a lead or make a sale at any time, so don’t spend all of your budget on ads alone. Keep a consistent feel of quality and tone throughout your branding materials, both digital and printed, to create a recognizable corporate identity.

Choosing a Printing Company in Arkansas

Don’t get so excited about current technology that you forget about traditional forms of printed materials. Arkansas Graphics has been serving the Central Arkansas business community for 40 years with creative commercial printing solutions. Contact a printing company in Arkansas that is capable of branding your company with unsurpassed excellence for a true quality connection with your target market.

Arkansas Graphics4 Ways to Use the 40-60% of Your Ad Budget That Is Wasted on Electronic Branding Materials

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