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The Two Most Important Things to Have at Your Next Trade Show Booth

Use these trade show tools to stand out among the crowd and increase your interaction with potential customers.

You must be ruthlessly clever and unabashedly attention-grabbing to succeed in a trade show. When your display is surrounded by hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other trade show displays, it must have the power to immediately seize the attention of attendees inundated with different advertising systems. What, then, can you do to make your exhibit attract potential customers?

1. An Assortment of Signs, Banners and Large Format Trade Show Displays

Broadcasting your products or services using signs, banners, and large format trade show displays means you will instantly:

  •  Get attention. Depending on the size of your display, you can capture trade show goers’ attention from all corners of the venue.
  •  Upgrade the appearance of your business. A large format display on the front of your trade show booth creates the impression of brand legitimacy, and conveys the message of your business in a sophisticated manner.
  •  Advertise without being “sales-y”. By expertly blending intriguing content (popular news, health suggestions, etc.) with product messages, you can elevate awareness and desirability of your products without “hard selling” your audience.
  • Use imagery to communicate your brand. Images present a universal communication system, and powerful imagery may compel people to feel emotions which lead to interest in your products or services.

Economically superior to other messaging methods, large format displays deliver dynamic content to your customers using vivid colors, attention-grabbing words, and compelling messages that resonate with your targeted audience. In addition, banners and signs possess the powerful one-two-three punch of readable content display, proximity to purchase, and modifiable messaging. In fact, large format displays are the perfect medium for informing, educating, entertaining and, more importantly, selling.

2. The Right Promotional Items

Giving away promotional items at Arkansas trade shows is a tried-and-true method of drawing in the crowds. Once word gets out that you are giving away trade show products, you will not only be inundated with attendees, but will also have ample chances to establish customer relationships. Most importantly, you want to give away products that people will actually use!

Promotional items which are popular at trade shows include:

  •   Selfie sticks
  •   Mobile charging devices
  •   LED products
  •   USB flash drives
  •   T-shirts
  •   Reusable tote bags
  •   Mugs/water bottles

You can also choose to use promotional items associated with the theme of your business, such as a flower shop giving away small watering cans, or a pet store handing out free dog tags. Magnets and stickers used as promotional items are great for advertising your company because these items can be placed on automobiles or used in office settings to optimize exposure.

If you are on a budget, have your company’s telephone number printed on magnets or stickers in order to provide customers easy access to your contact information should they wish to inquire about products or services. This is a small and relatively inexpensive way to keep your name in front of your potential customer. Selecting the right trade show promotional items is great way to attract people and boost your company’s reputation.

To learn more about how Arkansas Graphics can transform ordinary trade show displays into compelling presentations that will have attendees buzzing for weeks, call us today at 501-263-2649.

Arkansas GraphicsThe Two Most Important Things to Have at Your Next Trade Show Booth

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