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The Importance of an Eye Catching Package Design

Your products need the right package design be able to engage with consumers, display information, and draw attention away from competing items.

Each year more than 80 percent of new products fail. But why? Customers don’t want to spend their time or energy weighing the advantages of a product in their shopping cart. That is why a product’s packaging is so important, and can make a big impact on your sales.

Why Do You Need the Right Packaging Design?

The most popular brands across industries recognize that the custom packaging is as important as the products that they hold inside. For example, people see the iconic robin’s egg blue box and recognize that a high quality piece of jewelry will be waiting inside from Tiffany & Co. Apple is another company known for using packaging to deliver a powerful message and first impression. Their clean and minimalist packaging is synonymous with the sleek, powerful, and beloved products that are contained inside.

Branded Packaging Design

No matter how great a product is, if the packaging isn’t right, then it may continue to sit on the shelves unnoticed. To create the right packaging design you need to ask the following types of questions.

What is your brand’s personality?

Color, textures, shapes, and fonts can all help to convey brand personality.

How will the packaging create a powerful first impression with your consumers?

No matter the type of packaging, regardless of its shape or color, your design must create a positive first impression.

What is the product’s price point?

A picture might say a thousand words, but consumers always make assumptions on a product’s price point based on the packaging that is used. As such, the design must be carefully crafted to edge these assumptions in a favorable direction.

How durable does the packaging need to be?

Nothing is worse than spending the time needed to create a brilliant packaging design only to discover that it falls apart in the shopping cart. Until the product has been used, and the packaging has served its purpose, it must continue to create a lasting positive impression.

What types of materials should you use?

Glass, plastic, paperboard, or aluminum are all materials to consider. Determining the type of material requires companies to understand and think like their target audience. For example, is the target audience environmentally conscious? If so, then the materials will need to be reusable and sustainable to result in the smallest environmental footprint.

Packaging Design with Arkansas Graphics

An eye catching package design is about more than creating a pleasing aesthetic. The package design creates the first impression and simultaneously triggers a chain reaction that results in a consumer either purchasing a product or putting it back on the shelf. At Arkansas Graphics we are focused on providing compelling custom designs for promotional products. Contact our team at Arkansas Graphics today at (501)-263-2649 and take the first step towards creating engaging packaging designs.

Arkansas GraphicsThe Importance of an Eye Catching Package Design

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