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Repurposing Digital Content in Print: How to Do It Right

You probably have some great content online—let your customers interact with it in a new way by reproducing it in print.

The advantages of print media have led businesses to embrace the benefits of repurposing digital content into hands-on material. You have plenty of online content, so why not use it in a new way?

Despite the continuing surge of digital and mobile media, print remains a burgeoning source of revenue and opportunity for businesses. Engaging customers’ sense of touch, strengthening brand identity, and promoting content longevity are just a few of the advantages of print media. In fact, savvy businesses understand the many benefits of repurposing digital content into print. Here, we have highlighted ways that you can rework your online content into an engaging offline experience for your customers.

Leverage Your Data

If you promote your products or services online, chances are you have a wealth of data about your audience. You know which topics attract the most readers, the impact of your social media efforts, and where your content sits on Google search results. However, with Google’s perennially changing ranking algorithm and the decline of ad revenue, the time is ripe to derive fresh, new ideas from your data.

After you determine your top-performing themes and content, think about how you can develop them into print. Poll your readers, get feedback on social media, and examine what your competitors are doing. Above all, do not be afraid to experiment. Try out a few different formats (business cards, brochures, or newsletters, for instance) and see which ones get the most traction with your customers. With enough testing, you will find the ideal way to connect with customers offline using print media.

Invest in Quality Content

Whether in the form of a blog post, video, magazine, or newsletter, quality content drives awareness, engagement, and purchases. If your audience sees you as an authority in your field, they will naturally want to learn more about your products and services. Keep delivering timely, useful content and you will naturally promote your print products while simultaneously strengthening your digital presence.

Derive Ideas from Broad Topics

There are many ways to create unique, purposeful content from a broad topic. For example, say one of your blog posts discusses the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables. From that topic, you may branch out and talk about eating healthy on a budget, or discuss how to check produce for freshness. You might design a poster or calendar highlighting the freshest fruits or vegetables by month, publish a recipe book, or feature an interview with a health expert in your monthly newsletter. Each of these ideas can produce even more subtopics from which content can be made.

Appeal to a Broad Audience

The more people who can benefit from your product or service, the more successful your print endeavors will be. Examining the topic of diet and nutrition, put yourself in the shoes of different readers and think about what kind of information you may want. College students and professionals in their 20’s might appreciate a booklet on how to eat healthily on a budget. Parents might want to know how to encourage their children to develop healthy eating habits. Brainstorm topics that appeal to both specific and general audiences and you’ll discover opportunities to repurpose them in print.

Produce Exceptional Designs

While quality design is a vital element of digital content, it plays an even more prominent role in print. Be sure to choose an experienced designer and printer with expert knowledge of color schemes, fonts, spacing, and other graphical elements. Remember that no matter how useful or unique your content, your audience will judge your book by its cover.

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Arkansas GraphicsRepurposing Digital Content in Print: How to Do It Right

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