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How to Host a Cohesive Event Using Print

Create a beautiful event with a unified theme by following these tips for print products from invitations to decor.

With the help of custom-made printed materials, your next event will be unforgettable for both you and your guests.

Advances in digital technology are creating astounding new possibilities for graphic design and printed materials. It is now simple and affordable to create a full line of print pieces for events that feature eye-catching details such as custom illustrations, stunning, rich colors, and bold typography. As you begin to plan the look for your next event in Arkansas, you can browse all of the incredible options for printed materials that will help you to create an outstanding experience for your guests.

Create engaging invitations

Everyone who has ever received one knows that the invitation sets the tone for an entire event. There are many responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of the invitation, including conveying important time and location details, establishing a theme, and denoting a level of formality.

Contemporary printing technology allows you to customize your invitations in almost any way imaginable. Everything from shapes and colors to personalized monograms and images can be positioned exactly how you desire in order to give your invitation the impact it needs.

Tie everything together with themed decor

While the invitation establishes the mood of the event, it is the decor choices in the room that will serve to fortify the experience for the attendees.

When it comes to printed decorations, there are many different options available to suit any kind of event, including custom banners, signs, and posters. Full-size images in stunning colors can be scaled to fit posters or banners of numerous sizes. Personalized brands or logos can be added to custom die cut signs to establish the professionalism of your event.

Wow your guests with a beautiful menu

Creating custom printed menus is an elegant detail that will inform and excite your guests at the same time. Printed menus do not only serve to tell the diners about the food and drinks they will be served; they also increase their anticipation for the meal.

Best of all, printed menus are perfect for any type of occasion that features food. If you are throwing a backyard barbecue you can create fun, informal menus with colorful imagery that can be casually placed around tables. Formal dinner galas may call for minimalist menu cards with custom calligraphy to be placed at each guest’s specific seat.

Leave them with a memorable party favor

Whether you are organizing a family holiday party or a professional fundraiser, no event is complete without a favor for guests to take home. Some great ideas for favors include customized stickers and printed recipe cards to accompany a selection of ingredients.

If you are searching for a Little Rock printing company that can help you design the perfect range of printed materials for your upcoming event, look no further than Arkansas Graphics. Contact one of our design professionals today by calling (877)-918-4847 to begin planning everything you need for a gathering that your guests will rave about.

Arkansas GraphicsHow to Host a Cohesive Event Using Print

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