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How Promotional Products Can Help You Earn Business

Businesses spend an estimated $20 billion a year on promotional products, and your branded packaging Arkansas experts here at AGI have helped brand many such products. This form of marketing clearly works – but why, and how?

Promotional items work on the simple fact that we love getting presents. It is human nature that people enjoy receiving tokens of esteem, thanks, remembrance or appreciation. They also enjoy seeing their own names on such items, which is a good reason to personalize promotional items with their information as well as yours. Once your client receives a gift, he is also more likely to want to give something in return – such as their continued business.

Usefulness and Visibility: A Winning Combination

Promotion can work its way into everything from pieces of apparel to the logo-branded packaging design that Arkansas residents can see just about everywhere they look. If it can be printed or embossed with your brand name and/or logo, it can be used as a promotional item.

You will score extra promotional points for branding items your target audience is likely to use every day. Pens are an obvious example, but bear in mind that ordinary pens are such a commodity that they are often lost, loaned out, or packed away in a drawer. You will get more marketing mileage out of deluxe offerings such as high-quality fountain pens for a small number of (carefully chosen) VIP clients. These prized objects are more likely to occupy a permanent place of high visibility. Keep visibility in mind when you are ordering those branded drink coasters as well. The minute a mug is set down on that coaster, your logo will disappear, so maybe it would be better to order personalized mugs instead.

Specific types of branded products can have special appeal for particular industries or professions. If you are promoting your company to IT firms, for instance, what better way to get their attention than through promotional mouse pads or USB drives? Your technology-minded prospects or customers will appreciate these genuinely handy items and make frequent use of them. Or you can adopt a more open-ended approach by branding promotional items that you know will appeal to a broad demographic, such as’s example of providing branded cell phone chargers for the 91 percent of Americans who own a cell phone.

What About Product Packaging?

Even though these items usually get thrown away as soon as they are opened, package after package will reinforce your brand in customer’s minds. You can also hand out more permanent forms of packaging in the form of carrying cases and the ubiquitous “swag bags” seen at trade shows and expos.

Promotional products make people think of you, and more importantly, buy from you. Contact AGI so we can help put them to work for you!

Arkansas GraphicsHow Promotional Products Can Help You Earn Business

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