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The Most Effective Direct Mail Methods for a Political Campaign

Successful political campaigns rely on methods that can reach as many people as possible. With direct mail, you can reach a large group of people as quickly and affordably as possible.

Whether it’s a local, state or national campaign, your advertising methods can make or break the outcome of your campaign. That’s why memorable political campaigns use direct mail as one of their primary advertising strategies.

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail campaigning is sending mail to a predetermined list of people registered to vote in your city, county or state. The mail you send will be designed and printed on single or multiple sheets of thick paper that are then packaged in envelopes or sent as standalone mail. The list of registered voters you obtain from your state or local elections board can also be narrowed down to people who have voted at least once in the past three years. To improve effectiveness of your political direct mail campaign, you can choose to target only certain parties. Using printed mail created to generate enthusiasm about your party’s candidate is a great way to get the word out.

Types of Direct Mail for Political Campaigns

If you are looking to spread the word about a candidate, one of the most economical types of direct mail is mailing oversized postcards. Multi-page or tri-fold mail pieces are a bit more expensive but provide extra space for photos and important, attention-getting information. For fundraising purposes, it’s best to rely on letters that include a prepaid envelope for voter convenience. If you use letters as a piece of campaign mail, be sure to design letters that are easy to skim and the information is absorbed effortlessly. Limit letters to one or two small pictures, multiple large-font headlines and plenty of white space.

Developing a Direct Mail Political Campaign

When you need help designing a direct mail campaign in Arkansas, residents turn to Arkansas Graphics for assistance in designing direct mail pieces. In addition to having years of experience with direct mailing in Arkansas, we also specialize in designing eye-grabbing headlines, formatting larger direct mail items and ensuring error-free information is attractively displayed on postcards, tri-folds or letters. Some common mistakes include too much copy (which the reader is unlikely to take the time to read), an overly busy layout made confusing by the inclusion of multiple graphs and clipart and stock photos that fail to arouse interest.

Get your political campaign off to a great start with direct mail strategies provided by Arkansas Graphics. Contact us today at 501-263-2649 to learn more about our many print, mail and design services for your campaign.

Arkansas GraphicsThe Most Effective Direct Mail Methods for a Political Campaign

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