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Creative Promotional Product Ideas for Conferences and Events

Showing up to your next conference with unique promotional products will help you make an impression with your prospects.

When deciding on promotional products for conferences Arkansas business owners know that they have to get creative in order to stand out. We are living in an age where handing out a pen and a pad of paper with your logo on it usually does not get the job done anymore. As you plan for your next promotional event, make sure you have some ideas for branded products that will be memorable and useful.

Mobile Device Chargers

We can never seem to have enough device chargers. Even though most mobile devices come with a charger, everyone needs an extra one for the car, desk, to keep in their travel bag, etc.

Mobile device chargers are a great place to put your company’s logo because people use them daily. They will have you to thank for the fact that they no longer have to worry whether or not they remembered to bring a charger with them.

Drinking Bottles

If you are going to hand out promotional products, why not do something good for the planet at the same time? Reusable water bottles are all the rage these days, as eco-conscious people are trying to cut down on their plastic bottle waste. Not only are these water bottles on trend, but they also provide you with a big canvas on which to print your designs.

If you are going to give out water bottles, make sure the product is free of BPA plastic and other harmful chemicals. People are becoming more aware of the health dangers that they cause, and they will probably ask you to confirm that the product is safe.


Many businesses are afraid to give out branded food items, because they are not something the recipient can keep for the long term as a visual reminder of the brand. But creative food products are a great conversation starter at conferences, and people rarely turn down free food or beverages.


T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other types of apparel are eminently useful, and they allow you to get creative with your printed designs. If you are interested in apparel, Arkansas Graphics can help you design something unique and eye-catching that will get your conference prospects talking.

No matter what you need for your printed marketing collateral for events Arkansas Graphics will work closely with you to design a full range of materials that will ensure your brand stands out. Contact us today at (501) 376-8436 to begin planning for your next conference appearance.

Arkansas GraphicsCreative Promotional Product Ideas for Conferences and Events

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