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2016’s Most Coveted Swag!

Using promotional products as a marketing tool is a long-standing tactic that consistently performs well by expanding brand awareness and generating sales leads.

It is a proven fact that promotional products generate unique sales opportunities, and there is an obvious reason for it. Your promotional products have the ability to stay visible and accessible, so they help to keep your company’s name, values, and services at the forefront of consumer awareness.

Not only do promotional products create sales leads, they are also relatively inexpensive compared to other weapons in your marketing arsenal. These unique promo gifts and trade show swag options will help set your company apart and keep you top-of-mind with your potential customers.

1. Take Charge

rechargable portable phone chargers, unique promotional products, promo gifts

Individuals in every industry need to stay plugged in to do their jobs and manage their lives. These rechargeable power banks will keep your customers’ smartphones and tablets charged and your company top of mind. These little lifesavers will associate your brand with practical, smart fixes that people can actually use when they’re scrambling to recharge before they get on a plane or they’re trapped in a conference room with too few outlets.

2. Get Them Fueled Up

travel coffee mugs, promo gifts, trade show swag

Corporate America runs on caffeine. These travel tumblers are a step up from the usual coffee mugs—with their stainless steel, no-slip plastic, and a screw-on lid—which makes them stand out in a sea of promotional items. These sleek vessels make traveling and commuting that much easier, which means your brand will be on hand and visible to a wider audience than the office-desk mug can supply.

3. Update Their Memory

light up USB drive, unique promotional products, promo gifts

Everyone uses USB drives, and they’re a very popular promotional item. Make sure that your brand stands out. These flash drives are made with a crystal sub-surface 3D laser engraving and a red or green LED light. The USB drive lights up when plugged in, making it a powerful and interesting conversation piece.

doctor USB drives, promo gifts, tradeshow swag

You can also go the humorous route with something like these customizable doctor USBs. These little guys are a tradeshow-stopper!

4. Keep it Cool

cooler bag, tradeshow swag, unique promotional products

For the environmentally-friendly consumer, a reusable shopping bag is an excellent promotional item. As consumers are becoming more health-conscious and aware of their impact on the environment, they appreciate companies who uphold the same values. These totes are also insulated to keep groceries fresh and picnic foods at serving temperature, making them doubly useful.

5. Get It in Writing

fancy pen, unique promotional items, tradeshow swag

The great thing about pens is that every one needs them, and it’s easy to place a promotional pen in someone’s hands. The next time you give a sales presentation or attend a conference, offer your potential client a pen so they can take notes. The Monroe 3N1 Pen is a pen, a light, and a stylus, so they can take notes on any device and under any conditions!

With thousands of different items you can choose from and an almost infinite number of ways in which they can be customized, the sky is the limit when it comes to putting your company on the map with unique and memorable promotional products.

For more unique promotional products, contact Arkansas Graphics, Inc. at 501-263-2649 to speak with one of our corporate branding specialists.

Arkansas Graphics2016’s Most Coveted Swag!

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