Staccato® Screening

A new printing experience awaits you with Staccato®. Photographic reproduction in print has been hampered for many years by the methods used to create an optical illusion of continuous tone. With the digital age of print preparation came a more effective technology, known as FM screening or stochastic screening. At Arkansas Graphics, we have taken that technology one stage further by employing Kodak’s Staccato® software.

This third generation of photo reproduction software provides Arkansas Graphics with all the tools needed to accurately and effectively reproduce high definition images.

With Staccato® software, images will leap from the page and look as close to real photographs as print can produce.

staccato rosettesScreenless printing with Staccato ® means the end of unwanted rosette patterns that can lead to visible and unwanted artifacts within printed images.
staccato image detailWith Staccato ® software even the finest details are reproduced accurately and completely, meaning that your quality photographic originals will appear just as you expected.
staccato photo qualityStaccato ® helps to provide an unrivaled richness and intensity in photographic reproduction. With images that come close to real life, Staccato ® offers photographic quality in print.
staccato clear linesWith Staccato ®, even the smallest printed text is clear and sharp, whether it appears in a mid-tone background or as an inverted typeface. Check this comparison with AM screening techniques, which has been magnified 100 times.
staccato reproduction qualityStaccato ® eliminates all moiré effects and unwanted artifacts created as a by-product of the AM screening process. Every detail of your creative work is reproduced faithfully.
staccato printing stockStaccato ® is designed for use with a wide range of papers. Staccato ® technology induces rapid drying of the printed image, widening the range of suitable substrates that can be used.
staccato illustrationsStaccato ® allows you to obtain uniform, artifact-free flat and graduated tints with smooth and even color backgrounds, fine rules, and accurate spot color simulation from process color printing.


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