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Laser-Cut Gift Ideas Perfect for the New Year!

Custom laser cut cards from Arkansas are just one of the many gifts that can make elegant corporate giveaways even better this new year.

As 2018 begins, make sure that you are prepared with original gifts for the people who are important in your life. Whether it is a corporate gift for the annual White Elephant party or a special present for someone in your personal life, the following ideas are sure to surprise, delight, and bring joy for the new year.

Custom laser cut cards Arkansas. 

Creating layers is a great way to provide depth to customized cards. From greeting cards to thank you cards, the precision of laser cutting can make your special gift truly pop. Window cards, twirling spirals, or adding your favorite motivational phrases, laser cutting provides numerous customization features that your recipient is sure to enjoy. You can bring another layer of creativity to your custom laser cut cards by using a unique material, such as acrylic, wood, or metal.

Light fixtures for the avant-garde.

Did you know that laser die cutting in Arkansas can be used to create modern light fixtures? Wood, metal, fabrics, and acrylics can all be used to develop a truly one-of-a-kind hanging or free-standing light fixture. The beauty of lasers is that they create the clean lines needed to let the light pass through the chosen material in an eye-catching pattern. These modern fixtures are the perfect gift for anyone who relishes in having an artistic home or office.

Custom die cut signs Arkansas.

A sign should be given with love and hung with joy. The days of painted signs have given way to die cut, engraved wooden or metal signs that are sure to be the highlight of any holiday party. Unique sign ideas for the home include: “Chefs Only in This Kitchen,” “The Dog Rules The Roost,” “The Garden Is Calling,” and “If The Sign’s Out, I’ve Gone Fishing.” If you want to give custom die signs from Arkansas Graphics as a business holiday gift, then you could consider the following phrases, “CEO Is In The House,” or “All Ideas Are Welcomed Here.”

A laser cut bird house that is a natural delight.

Did you know that clear acrylic is one of the ideal materials for laser die cutting in Arkansas? The surface of this type of thermoplastic can be engraved with a frosty finish that will catch the light, while the edges will melt smoothly. The best part about clear acrylic is that it can be fashioned into a laser cut bird house that will give ornithologists a bird’s eye view (pun intended) of the winged creatures who will make the house their home.

Make 2018 the year that you give customized, unique laser cut gifts. From maps and hanging artwork to custom die cut signs, the Arkansas Graphics team is here to create the perfect gift. To learn more about customer laser cut cards or other great gift ideas, contact Arkansas Graphics (501) 376-8436 today for more information.

Arkansas GraphicsLaser-Cut Gift Ideas Perfect for the New Year!

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