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An Interview with the AGI President: Our Trip to Chicago

Learn more about Arkansas Graphics’ booth at the Print ’17 trade show and how our president, Kevin Wilcox, has gone from attending to presenting at this huge convention.

Arkansas Graphics’ participation in the Print ’17 trade show in Chicago was the perfect occasion to display new laser-cut products. At the convention, companies were able to discover new print technology and network with fellow professionals in the industry.

From promoting products to connecting with influencers, Print ’17 was a great opportunity for our print and design company to network and learn from others in our industry. We sat down with our president, Kevin Wilcox, and got some insight into the team’s experience in Chicago!

How long has AGI been taking part in trade shows? Was this your first time to attend this specific trade show?

We have attended the trade show for years, but this is the first time we have exhibited. This year, we were also able to meet some influencers in the print industry and design industry that expressed interest in collaborating, so that was exciting.

Tell us a little about Print ’17—why did you decide to take part, and which members of your team went?

We were invited to take part to show off our laser cutting capabilities.  After purchasing the laser cutter, we discovered about 50% of our business came from other printers. Since this show is focused on printers and you also have a lot of designers and resellers that attend, we thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase the technology in conjunction with the manufacturer. Three members of the team took part in the convention, one of whom is a designer that focuses on laser cut products.

What new opportunities related to laser die-cutting did you learn about at the trade show?

The technology is continually evolving and getting better. It’s amazing.

Coming from a company that sells trade show products, we have to ask—what freebies did you take with you to hand out to visitors?

We took items that applied to laser cutting. These items included bookmarks that were laser cut with skylines of famous cities, fancy invites, and handouts that showed what the laser cutter could do, including a new pop-up version of our business cards!

What else did you guys do while you were in Chicago?

We worked hard and were tired at the end of each day. We had a great response and our booth stayed busy. Of course, eating anywhere in Chicago for dinner is a treat. There were also some parties that vendors hosted that we were able to attend. Our assistant plant manager actually had the opportunity to attend a Cubs game, where she had a blast.

Have you been to a trade show or convention lately? Kevin and the team enjoyed the experience, as it is always great to meet with people in the print and design industry and learn about the newest innovations. Showing off our laser-cutting capabilities wasn’t too bad, either! To find out more about how Arkansas Graphics can elevate your business or event, contact us by calling 501-263-2649.

Arkansas GraphicsAn Interview with the AGI President: Our Trip to Chicago

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