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Hi, welcome back to Hannah’s Hot Picks. I’m your promo princess, Hannah McDonald.

Welcome to Hannah’s Hot Picks. I’m your promo princess Hannah McDonald and since it’s the holidays, I want to talk about some fun creative promotional products.

So what I’m starting with today is koozies, but these are metallic koozies, so they come in several different colors. Just really cute idea, really cute spin on the koozie. Also in the koozie family, we’ve got slap koozies. So you remember slap bracelets from the 80s right? Well this is a flap koozie, so I’ll show you how that works. Pretty cool, right? And they come in all kinds of different shapes. So that just makes it really creative and fun. I really like those.

Next we’ll go to some drink options. So these are mood straws. They come in different colors and then when you stick them into a cold beverage, boop changes colors. So cool. And we all know straws are becoming a big thing right now because they’re outlawing the plastic straws in several states and I’m sure eventually that will go across the United States and so you’ll see a lot more straw options but for now the mood straws are really cool.

Next I want to show you these HeadLimes. So this flyer shows you how this works. She basically put these on your drink and you can put a lime or lemon there and it squeezes it. Squeezes the juice down into your drink without getting your fingers sticky. So those are cool. They come in several different shapes. We’ve got a football, we’ve got a little alligator there, and then of course the shape of a lime. So really cool for bars, restaurants, things like that or if you’ve got to tailgate party, something like that. Pretty cool option.

The last thing I want to show you, so post-it notes. Everybody uses them. They’re great to give away. These are special. These are very durable. They can even stick to brick, which is crazy. So any kind of substrate you can stick these to, great promotional product.

Well that’s all we have time for. Thanks so much for watching and happy holidays.

Mood Straw. Sold Blank Only. Color Of The Straw Changes with Temperature of Drink. Reusable. Hand Wash Recommended.

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Wrap up your marketing campaign with a promotional product that’s attention-getting and uniquely functional. Lays flat for storage and “slaps” around your beverage when needed. The back provides an excellent grip, making these colorful accessories ideal for tailgating parties, backyard barbeques, sporting events and company picnics and more!

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