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Hi, welcome back to Hannah’s Hot Picks. I’m your promo princess, Hannah McDonald.

Hi, welcome back to Hannah’s Hot Picks. I’m your promo princess, Hannah McDonald. today we’re going to talk about promotional products that are useful. So when you’re getting out a promotional product, it’s always good to give something that people are actually going to use, right?

So let’s start with the pizza cutter. This is a really nice pizza cutter. It’s got a huge imprint area. It comes in tons of colors, so you can always match up with your logo. That’s something that everybody’s going to throw in their drawer and use constantly. Another one would be a jar opener. So this is a little fancier than your typical jar opener, as it’s got a nice grip to it. It’s also magnetic and it has a full-color imprint on it. So that’s a really cool one. Another one that’s also magnetic is this bottle opener. So it’s got the magnets on the back. You can stick it to your fridge, you can use it to open any kind of bottles or caps as well, and then it’s got a really nice, big imprint area here, full color. So I really like that one too.

Of course, everybody uses chip clips. This is just a little nicer one. It comes in lots of colors, too. And it also has a magnet. So I’m really liking the products that have magnets on them, so you can stick them to your fridge and really handy when you need to grab them in the kitchen. And then the last item is this little silicone … they call it a silicone spreader. So this is really nice if you’re spreading … I use it to spread frosting on cinnamon rolls, and it’s got a nice imprint area here. Again, it comes in lots of colors, so we can match it up with your logo.

So again, those are just some really good, useful items that people will have in their home, and then they can see your logo every day. Well, that’s all we have for you today. Thanks so much for watching.

The World’s Best Pizza Cutter™ impresses everyone who uses it! This pizza cutter features an FDA approved and BPA-free removable plastic blade for easy cleanup. It’s top rack dishwasher safe and offers durable, sturdy and American-made construction.

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Whip up a great promotion with this mini silicone spreader! Made with an imported silicone tip, it’s great for mixing, spreading or even whipping up ingredients. It is both molded and assembled in the USA. Measuring 1-1/4″H x 7″W x 3/8″D, customize it with an imprint on the handle.

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Jumbo size magnetic memo clip holder with strong grip! High intensity magnet secures to refrigerators and file cabinets. Super holding power clips bags and paper. Heavy duty spring loaded hinge. Great for chip clip, home and office use.

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Show your clients that you’re willing to work hard to open doors for them with this silicone ring jar opener! It features a magnetic back, so that it stays readily available and fits most jars. This perfect kitchen tool easily opens tough-to-open jars and lets recipients see your brand as especially helpful.

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Dual Bottle Opener! It can open metal-capped beverages and features a rugged, twist-off opener for bottles with the common cap size of 1-3/16-inch.

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