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Hannah’s Hot Picks – Fun & Games [VIDEO]

Hey guys. Welcome to Hannah’s Hot Picks. I’m your promo princess, Hannah McDonald. Today I want to talk about fun and games.

So if you’ve got a promotion coming up that’s superhero theme, I’ve got some really cool bags. These are the cinch bags that actually have a cape and then you can imprint something really cool here. They come in lots of colors. You can even get a metallic imprint on ’em. Just love these. Super fun.

Next is something that I haven’t even opened ’cause I don’t exercise but these are exercise bands and you can custom imprint them with your logo and these are also a really fun giveaway.

All right. Next I want to show you this little game. Did you ever play Simon Says as a kid? Well, this is that game. You imprint your logo here in the middle and then you follow the steps as it goes and then of course it beeps you if you’re wrong. This is a really fun one you can tie in with some sort of marketing campaign that you’re doing about games or something really unique and it’s really cool.

Okay, I’ve saved my favorite for last. This is called the Dancebot. So if you tie this promotion in with a really cool marketing campaign, give it away to potential customers or even already existing customers, it’s so much fun. They’re gonna love it and you can imprint your logo on it. It comes in this really nice box, then you open it up. It’s got little instructions here. And here’s your Dancebot. They come in a couple of different colors and we’ll show you how it works.

And that’s all we have for you today. Thanks for watching.

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iprovadminHannah’s Hot Picks – Fun & Games [VIDEO]

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