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Welcome back to Hannah’s Hot Picks. I am the promo princess, Hannah McDonald.

Welcome back to Hannah’s Hot Picks. I am the promo princess, Hannah McDonald. Today I want to talk about gifts for your clients. We want to do something a little nicer than just a pin or a notepad, something like that. We can do something like this, which is a desk caddy. It has the date and the time and the temperature. That’s a nice gift at a smaller budget. Then we can go up to these meek Sherpa blankets. The Sherpa is really popular right now with pullovers and blankets. It’s just a really soft, lush material. They come in these nice bags, all different colors. I’ve got a cream and a red here, and then of course we can embroider a logo here on the blanket itself.

All right. This is a really cool product to give out. Instead of a Yeti, which everybody has by now, this is called a Burnout. What this is is a mug that takes your coffee from piping hot, brings it down to a drinkable temperature, and then keeps it there for 24 hours. This is a really cool gift. It’s got three layers of stainless steel and a HeatZorb material. It’s dishwasher safe, so that’s another plus from Yeti. Then you can engrave a logo on these. So it’s a really nice gift.

Okay. I saved my favorite for last. This is a desk lamp. It’s got three settings for the light, but it’s a wireless phone charger. As you can see, it lights right up saying it’s charging. This is a really nice gift that anybody would love to receive and put on their desk. You can put a logo on it, and that way they see your logo every single day and use this product every single day.

Well, that’s all we have for you today. Thank you for watching.

Cozy up in this mink Sherpa blanket. Measuring 50″ x 60″, this micro mink/Sherpa blanket features one side of faux micro mink and the other side soft lambswool Sherpa. With an anti-pill finish and concealed zipper hem in the corner, this blanket is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. This luxurious blanket is perfect for seasonal promotions, cold outdoor sporting events, home use and so much more! Embroidered imprinting options are available.

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Elevate your desktop with this ultra-modern Limelight desk lamp. This 5″ x 0.5″ x 16.25″ lamp is crafted from ABS plastic and polycarbonate material. The slim, gooseneck-style light has 180 degrees of movement and works with 36 energy-saving LEDs. The functions include an intelligent touch dimmer, five light modes, and seven brightness levels – all powered with the included DC power cord. It also features a powerful 10W wireless charger, as well as a USB port. Add your logo or message to customize this handsome desk accessory.

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