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Hannah’s Hot Picks – Drinkware [VIDEO]

Hey guys. Welcome to Hannah’s Hot Pics. I’m your promo princess Hannah McDonald. Today I want to talk to you about drinkware.

Drinkware has always been a very popular promotional product and the best way to use it is to be creative. I wanted to start out with coffee mugs today. Coffee mugs are pretty standard but still a great giveaway. If you want to use a standard coffee mug, my suggestion is to do something really creative with it. This is a local drug testing company here in Arkansas and they actually did a urine sample cup on the back of it. That was really creative and cute. I really liked that. Another coffee cup is this new copper metallic. That’s a really nice take on the coffee mug. This is another really popular one this year. This is the flecked camping coffee mug.

There’s flex in there. That’s a word. Google it. It’s a word. This is a really big nice coffee mug. They come in different colors and just super popular. Also going with the camping theme, we’ve got a canteen. This is a really nice metal canteen. This is really good for any kind of promotion doing with outdoors, safaris, camping, that sort of thing. Moving on to the tumblers. This is a really nice gift for anyone. It’s laser engraved and it’s got this golf ball texture to it. This would be great for any sort of golf tournament or just any high end client that you’d like to give that to. Last is this really big water bottle? Hydration is a really big thing during the summertime. So if you want to bring this camping with you or just to work with you, it makes a great promotional product.

You can also unscrew the bottom and put any sort of first aid items in there. Or if you’re going to the beach, you could put your keys in there. This is a really cool water bottle. Well, that’s all we have for you today. Thanks so much for joining us. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

iprovadminHannah’s Hot Picks – Drinkware [VIDEO]

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