Why You Need Staccato Printing

staccato printing process, high definition printing in Arkansas

The staccato printing process offers more accuracy than traditional printing while increasing color vibrancy and allowing for extremely high definition in large print projects. Staccato is a Kodak brand software that uses FM screening technology. Staccato (FM) printing produces high resolution, high definition prints by refining the traditional AM screen printing process. AM screen-printing uses small dots of color to …

Arkansas GraphicsWhy You Need Staccato Printing

When Image is Everything, Every Detail Matters and Staccato Screening Delivers

staccato screening

Take advantage of the latest innovation in printing technology by making your materials pop with the photo-quality imaging available through Kodak’s Staccato® Screening. For better or worse, we live in a high-definition world. From HD TV monitors and video players to photo-quality reproduction printing, we’ve come to expect every last detail on an image to come through with crystal-clear clarity. …

Arkansas GraphicsWhen Image is Everything, Every Detail Matters and Staccato Screening Delivers

Arkansas Graphics and Staccato® Technology = Quality

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Arkansas Graphics, Inc. (AGI) is proud to have partnered with Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods (CJRW) to produce the 2013 Western Amateur Golf Tournament commemorative program.

Arkansas GraphicsArkansas Graphics and Staccato® Technology = Quality

Oaklawn Apple Blossom Invitational

Local press descends on Arkansas Graphics for historic trading card print production for the annual Oaklawn Apple Blossom Invitational. It was a crazy day at Arkansas Graphics on Wednesday 24th February 2010. The local press descended upon us when they heard we were producing the Hot Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau 50,000 trading cards featuring Rachel Alexandra and Kenyatta in …

Arkansas GraphicsOaklawn Apple Blossom Invitational

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