Digital Print: It’s Not Technology—It’s Marketing

How are you thinking about digital printing? From a strategic marketing perspective… Do you think of digital printing as an output technology or a marketing model? The reality is, it’s both. If you don’t think of digital printing this way, maybe you need to think more broadly about digital print.

Arkansas GraphicsDigital Print: It’s Not Technology—It’s Marketing

How to Enhance Your Print Marketing by Going Online in 2017

Adopting an integrated marketing communications strategy in Arkansas is the key to taking your business to new heights in the new year. Print marketing is a tried-and-true way to promote your business and connect with your customers. But in addition to print as a marketing medium, there are other innovative tools that can help you identify even more qualified potential …

Arkansas GraphicsHow to Enhance Your Print Marketing by Going Online in 2017

Reaching Customers Is About the “Why?”

Here are 3 steps to getting at the “why.” When it comes to reaching customers with your marketing message, whether it’s through print, email, social, or mobile, sometimes it seems like trying to get the attention of a playground full of screaming school children. You might think that nothing could break through the din, but if you say the right …

Arkansas GraphicsReaching Customers Is About the “Why?”

How Loyal Are Your Customers Really?

Did you know that even the most satisfied customers can switch to the competition? In a customer satisfaction study of 10 major industries, an average of 72% of the respondents indicated that they were highly satisfied with the products or services received. Yet 88% said that they were willing to switch providers for any reason. If that startles you, it …

Arkansas GraphicsHow Loyal Are Your Customers Really?

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