Want More Trees? Buy Paper!

Did you know? In North America, it takes less than two seconds to grow the fiber for a standard #10 envelope. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. According to Two Sides North America, here are some little known facts about paper and trees.

Arkansas GraphicsWant More Trees? Buy Paper!

Get Ready to Shock Yourself With These Print Industry Statistics

Think you know how big the print industry really is? Take the quiz to see how you stack up. In an era of ebooks, email, and ecards, it can be easy to forget just how robust the traditional print industry really is. The following quiz will challenge your knowledge of printing industry statistics and reveal why paper and ink will …

Arkansas GraphicsGet Ready to Shock Yourself With These Print Industry Statistics

4 Ways Green Printing Can Empower Small Businesses

Green printing does not just help the environment, it can help you cut costs and position your small business as a socially responsible enterprise. For a small business, the term “green printing” may sound like an expensive add-on. But it’s actually an easy and practical way for you to save money and promote not only green living, but also your …

Arkansas Graphics4 Ways Green Printing Can Empower Small Businesses

Take Your Paper Greener

Did you know that paper is going green? Actually, paper has been green for some time, but paper manufacturers are making it even more so. Let’s look at some trends in paper manufacturing that will be pleasing to the Earth. Paper Is Going Lighter As postal costs have gone up, paper stocks have gotten lighter. While some print projects will …

Arkansas GraphicsTake Your Paper Greener

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