Paper Coupons Are Alive and Well

Despite the popularity of mobile coupons and discount apps, consumers are slow to give up their paper coupons. eMarketer estimates that 52% of adults will use digital coupons in 2017, up from 51% in 2016 and 48% in 2015. Growth is expected to continue through the forecast period (2017-2021), although that growth will gradually slow from 3.8% in 2017 to …

Arkansas GraphicsPaper Coupons Are Alive and Well

With E-mail, Who Needs Print?

What’s trending now? Cross Media. Consider why direct mail continues to grow with the rise of e-mail marketing. It’s true: e-mail is inexpensive, easy to personalize and highly trackable. The trend however is toward cross media, with marketers using the best of multiple media to reinforce one another. But with the success of e-mail, some marketers might be tempted to …

Arkansas GraphicsWith E-mail, Who Needs Print?

Case Studies: QR Codes

qr codes

Consumers use QR codes to interact with your marketing message, and generate higher response rates. See examples of how marketers have made them work to increase business. QR Codes give shoppers and other consumers access marketing or product information from their mobile phones, but do consumers actually prefer them? Will they scan these codes when other ways to access the …

Arkansas GraphicsCase Studies: QR Codes

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