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Study: More Channels = Better Results

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Have you ever wondered how using multiple channels affects your results? A recent study from Demand Metric / PFL gives some insight. In this study, titled, “2019 Multichannel Marketing Report,” researchers surveyed 579 marketers to learn how many channels respondents were using and how happy they were with the results.

The study found that two-thirds of study participants use between three and five channels for their campaigns. Fewer respondents use six or more channels, but those who do are getting better results.

How many channels are you using in your campaigns?

1 Channel 3%
2 Channels 11%
3 Channels 29%
4 Channels 21%
5 Channels 17%
6 Channels 5%
7 Channels 4%
8+ Channels 6%

Next, researchers asked participants to rate the effectiveness of their efforts. Consistently, respondents using more channels reported getting better results:

  • 7+ channels: 77% report good or very good response rates.
  • 4-6 channels: 69% report good or very good response rates.
  • 3 or fewer channels: 61% report good or very good response rates.

The numbers speak for themselves: Adding channels boosts results!

But which channels should marketers integrate? It depends on their marketing goals, budget, available time, and resources. Direct mail comes in very high as a component of these campaigns. When asked which channels were the most effective at reaching their target audiences, 78% of respondents cited “integrated, branded, personalized direct mail” as being effective or very effective. 61% said traditional direct mail is effective or very effective. Moreover, 80% of study participants reported that direct mail directly improves multichannel campaign performance.

When it comes to multichannel marketing, there is no magic bullet. There are, however, some trends we can count on. First, well-crafted, integrated multichannel campaigns get better results, especially when those campaigns include direct mail. And second, all types of direct mail are powerful, especially those that are branded and tightly integrated with the other channels being used.

What does a well-crafted, branded, integrated direct mail campaign look like?

Let us show you!

Arkansas GraphicsStudy: More Channels = Better Results

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