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Roundup! Our Favorite National Print Advertising Campaigns

The best national print advertising campaigns play with a mixture of design trends that help the reader emotionally connect to the brand and its message or products.

Online, in print, and on television, advertisements help to shape our lives. However, with fierce competition, the question remains: how can advertisers help a brand stand out? The solution is creating concepts and print design trends that captivate audiences. The right impression can mean the difference between creating a loyal brand ambassador and losing a customer.

Print Design Trends

The most popular print design trends showcase the importance of connecting with the audience on a level that is both creative and memorable.

Trend #1: Make the Audience Look Twice

An ad that makes the audience look twice will not only create a more memorable impression, but it is also more likely to be shared across media.

  • Honda Motorcycles – Bumper-to-bumper traffic is a universal concept that resonates worldwide. From Los Angeles to Delhi, nobody wants to be stuck in traffic. However, motorcyclists are famous for their ability to weave between the cars and trucks as if they were playing Pac-Man. Honda Motorcycles captures the concept with a series of print ads that create intricate mazes out of distorted vehicles. The advertisement is both eye catching and succinct in its message, targeting anyone considering the joys of riding a motorcycle.
  • Adidas: Forever Sport – Have you ever seen a magazine ad that you absentmindedly flipped past before your brain processed the true message? If the ad has been properly executed, you will immediately flip back to see the ad again. This clever use of the fold is effective in the Adidas: Forever Sport campaign, which uses the fold as part of its design and message. Readers see athletes completing crunches, lifting weights, and finishing post-workout stretches. The print design drives home the brand’s messaging, while simultaneously making the readers look twice as they become active participants in the unfolding message of the ads.

Trend #2: Using the Power of Animals

From hip-hop dancing Welsh Corgis on YouTube to the nostalgic Budweiser Clydesdales, animals have long been used in advertisements to create an emotional connection with the audience.

  • Ford’s Rear View Camera – A dog taking a selfie seems fake, even staged. But what about a dog who appears to be taking a selfie until further inspection? The latter take is perfectly captured by Ogilvy Istanbul for Ford’s Rear View Camera ad. The ad features an adorable pup staring directly into the camera. Viewers lock eyes with the dog before reading the emotion-rendering message, “So that our little friends become more visible.” The ad is powerful, creative, and effective.

Digital vs. Print Advertising

The world of digital and print advertisements is rapidly colliding as brands seek to connect with audiences in new innovative fashions. As seen through the above four ad campaigns, effective messaging is enhanced by the right design choices. At Arkansas Graphics, Inc. design, messaging, and high quality printing techniques join together to bridge the gap between digital vs. print advertising. Contact Arkansas Graphics at 501-263-2649 to discover how you can create a powerful connection with your audience.

Arkansas GraphicsRoundup! Our Favorite National Print Advertising Campaigns

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