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Meet Our Giveaway Winner and Learn Why They Are Getting a New Logo!

Marbella is a family business here in Arkansas that needs a fresh look. Before we start their redesign, learn a bit about why they want a new logo design!

If you have been away from the AGI website for a while, then you may have missed out on the big contest presented by Arkansas Graphics in August. The AGI Logo Giveaway lived up to its name by awarding a professional logo design, complete with up three revisions and final results in vector format, to a lucky business that submitted its current logo and made a persuasive case for needing a new one.

After much consideration of the entries received, Arkansas Graphics was delighted to award a free logo design to Marbella Inc., based in Conway, Arkansas!

Meet The Winner of the Arkansas Graphics Logo Giveaway

Marbella Inc. provides custom kitchen and bathroom countertops in granite, marble, quartz and natural stone, promoting its products and services as an exciting, elegant addition to any home remodeling project throughout the state of Arkansas.

The company was founded in 2007 by Khalid Saikh as a family business, and it has remained in the family to this day. While Saikh takes special pleasure in creating custom countertops for unique projects, he also enjoys working with custom home builders on new-construction homes.

Why a New Logo?

The original Marbella logo features thin, sleek capital letters arranged both vertically and horizontally, with the horizontal section framed in a rectangular outline. This logo, which is rendered in white on the company’s website, was designed by Maliha Wise in 2014. The sleekness of the text and the brightness of the color choice were intended to make an elegantly eye-catching effect.

Ultimately, however, the Marbella team started wondering whether their in-house design was really as catchy and memorable a logo as they ultimately needed. They decided that something even bolder and more eye-popping was in order as part of a concerted rebranding effort to grab new potential customers.

The AGI Logo Giveaway came along at the perfect time, offering the chance to bring a dedicated team of marketing design experts on board to create a truly business-changing new logo.

Looking Forward to a Fresh New Look

The new Marbella logo created by Arkansas Graphics should breathe new life into the already-vital brand. The design will be featured not only on the company website and social media channels, but on all the business stationery printing and other printed media. The vector image provided by AGI will provide gorgeous high-resolution images for any business card printer or other printing equipment, while also ensuring highly-scalable online imagery for today’s ever-evolving digital media world.

Congratulations to Marbella, Inc. for their triumph in the August AGI Logo Giveaway. If you’d like to participate in future such contest, make a point of watching the Arkansas Graphics website for the next big opportunity to win. Or, feel free to contact Arkansas Graphics to learn how you can receive the same kind of high-quality logo services that our winner is currently enjoying — contest or no contest! Give us a call today at 877.918.4847.

Arkansas GraphicsMeet Our Giveaway Winner and Learn Why They Are Getting a New Logo!

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