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How to Organize Your Business Conference with Signage

Organizing a conference can be an exhilarating and exhausting, but sometimes frustrating. Your frustration, and the frustration of your guests, will only increase if you haven’t put enough thought into the event’s signage and organization.

If you’ve ever attended an event where you couldn’t find your way around or obtain the information you needed at a glance, you know how disorienting this can be. If you are planning your next business conference, here are some useful tips and insights from our Little Rock printing company.

Organization Means Orientation

The first thing you must ask yourself when considering signage for your conference is, “What will our attendees need to know?” Simply getting around can be a major challenge in many hotels and conference centers, that may be unfamiliar to many guests. Start by creating and printing copies of a master map of the conference hall, with each room clearly numbered for easy reference.

But marking the actual conference areas is just the beginning. You must also create arrowed or color-coded directional signs that guide attendees to their destinations. You can mount these signs on the walls with wall-safe tape, or you can place them on lightweight stands that make them easy to relocate if needed. Don’t forget to provide signage for any of the building’s permanent areas and amenities your attendees may require, including restrooms, food service areas, charging stations, and parking zones if the hosting facility has not already done so.

Getting People’s Attention in a Conference Environment

Even the most carefully organized conferences can be chaotic in nature. All the hustle and bustle can make it harder for attendees to see your door-mounted or wall-mounted signage during peak hours of activity. If you want to grab your audience’s attention in a big way, creative signage can make it happen. Examples include:

  • Hanging giant vinyl banners from the lobby ceiling
  • Attaching window-sized vinyl cling graphics to interior or exterior glass surfaces
  • Positioning oversized retractable signs that display area maps, listing the day’s agenda, or promoting specific events
  • Hanging identifying banners over the edges of registration or information tables

Whatever types of signage you use, make sure you’ve designed it wisely. For instance, if the hosting hotel or other organization has its own distinctive color scheme or signage font, create signage that sharply contrasts those choices so your attendees can easily pick out the event’s signage on sight. Creating an official event logo and plastering your signage with it is another smart way to brand your event.

If you need help desigining signage for your next conference, the experts at Arkansas Graphics are here to help. From marketing materials, to designing a logo contact Arkansas Graphics today at (501)-263-2649 to discuss all of your signage options.

Arkansas GraphicsHow to Organize Your Business Conference with Signage

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