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Welcome back to Hannah’s Hot Picks. I am the promo princess, Hannah McDonald.

Welcome back to Hannah’s Hot Picks. I’m your promo princess Hannah McDonald. Today I want to talk about summertime travel. The first item I want to show you is a sun visor for your car. Obviously, I really like this one because it has a huge imprint area. So, this is a great promotional product and then again it folds back up into itself very, very easily. Also, going along with the car safety is a car seat cover. This goes over the car seat to actually protect it from getting the sun onto the metal parts of the clips, which
get really hot and can burn the baby, and then again you just fold it back up into itself and store it away.

Also, going with the car theme, customized air fresheners. These are a great promotional product to give away if you’re a car wash, car dealership, a car repair shop, anything like that or just anybody. I mean, everybody likes a good air freshener in their car, so that’s a great one too. Last, when you’re traveling, you’ve also got charging cords or headphones, so you need a nice cord wrap to keep those organized. We’ve got these in many colors. Also, this is a extra long, braided charging cord, really good promotional product, but it also works for headphones too. This is just another great promotional product for traveling. And that’s all we have for you today. Thanks so much for joining us.

And last, we’ve got these cord wrap organizers. And last, when you’re traveling, you’ve always got either a charging cord or what are these called? Headphones.

Let your brand be like a breath of fresh air to your customers and supporters with these cool and customized Tek-Scents air fresheners. These 2.9″ x 4″ fresheners have a hanging loop and an optional backer card. Choose from black diamond, cherry coconut, fresh linen, new car, stormy nights and strawberry scents. Choose a shape, design, and color scheme, and add your logo to create a promotion with maximum visibility. Avoid eye and surface contact, wash hands after handling, and keep away from children. Air fresheners have a six-month shelf life.

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Keeps your car cooler in the hot sunny days. This auto windshield sun shade is made of eco-friendly and durable EPE foam, can protect your car from the sun’s heat and harmful UV radiation rays. Foldable and lightweight for easy to carry. Perfect to be used for automobile related events, car dealerships and summer events. Jumbo imprint area for your brand exposure! Personalized full color over size imprint is also available. Size: 51 1/8″ x 23 5/8″

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