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Hannah’s Hot Picks – Packaging [VIDEO]

Welcome to Hannah’s Hot Picks I’m your promo princess Hannah McDonald.

Hello and welcome to Hannah’s Hot Picks! As we begin the New Year, I want to talk about packaging. 2019 is the year of packaging. It’s important to get the right promotional product for the right demographic, but it’s also important to package it.

I want to show you a few items that I picked up at a recent trade show. This is a really cool can. It’s marketed for the Trailer Park Boys, but you open it up and inside you’ve got a T-shirt! It’s just a fun way to package a T-shirt and then people can pull this out.

Then there’s this nice pizza box from Round Table Pizza. Inside, it looks like a little pizza, but it’s actually one of those towels that you put in the water and it expands. That’s really cute, and it also has a QR code inside. It’s a really nice marketing piece.

Then we’ve got this really cute truck. When you take it apart, inside you’ve got a pair of branded socks. Socks are really popular this year.

If you have an event you’re trying to market or you want to send somebody a nice package in the mail, really think outside the “box”.

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Arkansas GraphicsHannah’s Hot Picks – Packaging [VIDEO]

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