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For Better Results, Follow Your Curiosity


Are you full of curiosity? If you’re doing personalized print marketing, a little curiosity can go a long way. By being curious and asking your customers critical questions, whether in print or digital surveys, you can uncover valuable information that can improve your sales.

One governmental agency shows us how it’s done. When the agency began implementing a new set of regulations, it set up a compliance program to help affected businesses. It also scheduled an educational event to let companies know about the changes and help them get on board. In advance of the event, it surveyed attendees about their knowledge of the new regulations and compliance initiative. To encourage them to respond to the survey, it offered a guaranteed prize plus a chance to win a new iPod.

The survey provided critical insights into the company, including:

  • More than two-thirds of attendees did not know whether or not they were in compliance.
  • 54% had never visited the agency’s website designed to educate them on the regulations.
  • 48% did not know how the compliance program would help them.

Imagine how this information helped the agency tailor its message during the event!

In another example, one mid-sized marketer used personalized surveys to improve its prospecting efforts. It asked customers to indicate where they needed the most help in critical areas of their business, which services would make their jobs more manageable, and what their pain points were. This information helped the salespeople create highly targeted presentations directed at the individual needs of each prospect. The result was a whopping 73.9% conversion rate.

Are you doing regular customer and prospect surveys? If not, there are many ways to work them into your marketing projects, from personalized URLs to pre-filled tear-out forms, to online and email forms.

To create questions for these surveys, you can start by asking yourself some key questions. Is there any information you do not currently have that would help you open doors, increase the relevance of your messaging, and ultimately help you close the sale?

Once you know what information you need to move your company forward, we can help you craft the surveys to get the best results and insight into your audience!

Arkansas GraphicsFor Better Results, Follow Your Curiosity

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