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Checklist: All of the Items Your Wedding Suite Needs

Use these guidelines to prepare all of the various printed items that you may need for your wedding.

Weddings are no occasion for e-vites. From a casual celebration on the beach with your closest friends and family to a lavish church wedding that features hundreds of guests, a custom paper invitation sets the tone for any type of celebration. Check out the following elements that you may want in your wedding invitation suite, all of which can be customized to complement the details of your special day with laser die cutting services.

1. Pre-wedding materials

Believe it or not, the wedding invitation itself is likely not the first printed piece that you will send out to your guests. Most couples prefer to send out a save-the-date card a few months before the wedding, especially if there will be numerous guests traveling to the wedding location.

Other popular options for custom laser cut cards are invitations to social events that will take place before the wedding ceremony. These can include bridal/couple showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties, welcome dinners, and more.

Finally, invitations to the rehearsal dinner are sometimes sent out separately from the formal wedding invitation. However, it is becoming increasingly common for rehearsal dinner invitations to be included in the wedding invitation suite itself, depending upon who is hosting the event and how many people are invited.

2. The Invitation

Custom laser cut cards are an elegant, affordable option for all of the various pieces that will be included with your wedding invitation, including:

  • Ceremony invitation card
  • Outer envelope
  • Inner envelope
  • Response card and SASE
  • Hotel accommodations card
  • Reception card (only applicable if the reception is held in a different location from the ceremony)

Ceremony Program

The program is one of the most important printed pieces of the wedding experience. It guides your guests through the ceremony and serves as a keepsake to remember the event.

3. Escort Cards/Place Cards

Escort cards will be picked up by your guests as they filter in to the reception area, letting them know what table they should go to when dinner is served. Unless you are having a very casual reception (think BBQ and picnic tables), assigning your guests to a table is recommended because it relieves them of the decision-making process.

Place cards are generally reserved for more formal receptions. They assign a guest to a particular seat at their table.

Thank-you Cards

It is proper etiquette to thank your guests for all of the wonderful gifts they gave you in celebration, and sending personalized, laser cut thank-you stationery is the perfect way to wrap up your wedding experience.

Laser die cutting makes for a memorable suite of printed materials for any type of wedding on any budget. For everything you need to customize the perfect laser cut stationery package for your wedding in Arkansas or beyond, contact Arkansas Graphics by calling (877)-918-4847 today.

Arkansas GraphicsChecklist: All of the Items Your Wedding Suite Needs

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