5 Tips on How to Design the Perfect Business Card

Business cards remain a potent force for marketing your business, but only if you design them correctly. These tips on compelling business card designs can help to ensure that you make a memorable impression. Of all the print advertising Arkansas businesses produce on a regular basis, one particular form of promotion has quietly taken its place as an absolute essential. …

Arkansas Graphics5 Tips on How to Design the Perfect Business Card

Are You Short-Sighted? Or Long-Sighted?

When you are calculating the ROI of your print, email, or multichannel marketing campaign, how long a view do you take? Do you stop tracking revenue after a month? One year? What about the lifetime of the customer? Lifetime customer value (LCV) is an overlooked metric that should be part of how marketers measure success. Customers gained through personalized printing …

Arkansas GraphicsAre You Short-Sighted? Or Long-Sighted?

Why Foil Stamping?

Printed collateral, direct mail, and other printed marketing communications remain the bedrock of successful marketing campaigns, but their “look” is changing. Consumers today, especially Millennials, are drawn to marketing touches that produce an experience. They love the novelty of print, and their ability to handle a tangible, quality piece stands out in the crush of electronic messaging. But not just …

Arkansas GraphicsWhy Foil Stamping?

5 Copy Tips for Better Direct Mail Response

Target Marketing recently published a terrific article on generating responses with direct mail. It doesn’t point to data-driven personalization, multichannel integration, or psychographic targeting, although all of these are important strategies.

Arkansas Graphics5 Copy Tips for Better Direct Mail Response