How Do You Know Your Marketing Efforts Are Working?

Creating a personalized print or multichannel marketing campaign takes significant investment in time, energy, and resources. You want to get maximum return on your investment. How do you know what is working and what isn’t? You have to measure the results.

Arkansas GraphicsHow Do You Know Your Marketing Efforts Are Working?

Your Trade Show Experience, As Told by GIFS

If you have been to a trade show, you will relate (maybe a little too much!) to these GIFs.   A trade show can bring your brand lots of attention, but it also causes a swirl of conflicting emotions and experiences. Will people like and respond to your booth and trade show products? Are pajama pants and slippers acceptable attire …

Arkansas GraphicsYour Trade Show Experience, As Told by GIFS

Tips for Maximizing the Cross-Sell

It is a well-known fact that it’s easier and less expensive to sell more products to existing customers than to try to acquire new customers. One of the ways you can do this is to cross-sell. Cross-selling can be highly profitable because it deepens the customer relationship. It also gives you a host of additional products to upsell the customer …

Arkansas GraphicsTips for Maximizing the Cross-Sell

Create Sales Literature That Sells

Looking to freshen up your sales literature? Think carefully and create a plan. Sales literature stands in for you when you’re not around, carrying your brand identity and reputation to the marketplace. It plays a critical role in your business and needs to be planned out carefully.

Arkansas GraphicsCreate Sales Literature That Sells