Our Favorite Graphic Design Trends of 2017

From unique custom-designed graphics to large format printing to attention-grabbing minimalist logos, many fresh design tactics are revitalizing creative projects across the globe. In this article, we round up our favorite print design trends for 2017. Print design trends evolve year by year, and 2017 is making waves with fresh new takes on traditional concepts. Building on Google’s Material Design, this …

Arkansas GraphicsOur Favorite Graphic Design Trends of 2017

Tips for Maximizing the Cross-Sell

It is a well-known fact that it’s easier and less expensive to sell more products to existing customers than to try to acquire new customers. One of the ways you can do this is to cross-sell. Cross-selling can be highly profitable because it deepens the customer relationship. It also gives you a host of additional products to upsell the customer …

Arkansas GraphicsTips for Maximizing the Cross-Sell

Want More Trees? Buy Paper!

Did you know? In North America, it takes less than two seconds to grow the fiber for a standard #10 envelope. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. According to Two Sides North America, here are some little known facts about paper and trees.

Arkansas GraphicsWant More Trees? Buy Paper!

Best Practices in 1:1 Printing

Use these best practices to help build a foundation for your 1:1 campaign Personalized printing, in which marketers personalize marketing text, images, and other content based on what marketers know about the recipient, gets better results than static mail. But by itself, just dropping in data-driven content doesn’t guarantee success. Let’s look at three best practices that need to be …

Arkansas GraphicsBest Practices in 1:1 Printing