There Is No “I” in “Personal”

You’ve heard the phrase, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” So it is with print and digital personalization. By itself, data is just that—data. To be truly personal, it takes a collective effort to capture the customer’s attention and create relevant communications that move the needle.

Arkansas GraphicsThere Is No “I” in “Personal”

Does Your Brand Have Multiple Personalities?

How many personalities does your brand have? If you are doing it right, there should only be one. You should have different messaging for different audiences and marketing goals, but your overall brand message should be consistent.

Arkansas GraphicsDoes Your Brand Have Multiple Personalities?

Getting Content Marketing Right

We hear a lot of about content marketing these days. Why is it so important? Whether it’s in print, email, or mobile, content marketing builds customer trust, engagement, and loyalty, which are the foundations of long-term revenues and growth. Here are five steps to getting it right.

Arkansas GraphicsGetting Content Marketing Right