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Arkansas Graphics Acquires New Walco Inkjet System

walco inkjet printer

Arkansas Graphics, Inc. (AGI) takes our mailing services department to new level with the acquirement of our new Walco Inkjet Printing System.

Our new Walco Systems 655MB Multibase Inkjet Printing and Drying System is engineered for high capacity use for today’s commercial environment. It is designed for ease of use along with accuracy of product registration. The design allows for independent control of transport devices including dryer temperature control. What this means is that with these new features AGI can provide mailing services for a wide variety of mailing pieces at incredible speed and accuracy.

Ken Roebuck, AGI’s Direct Mail Specialist, says “Our new system can help double our current output with its speed and versatility. The software interface provides real time job completion estimates plus on-the-fly correction and adjustment”.

The Walco system is equipped with an on-board bar code verification scanner. It is a compact, line scan system designed to evaluate Intelligent Mail Barcodes as they are printed. The verifier assures Intelligent Mail Barcode Bar Height, Bar Spacing, Skew, Density, Fill and Readability will meet Postal standards. It’s also a quality control point to alleviate problems in real time!


Arkansas GraphicsArkansas Graphics Acquires New Walco Inkjet System

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