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8 Questions We Get Most About Professional Business Card Design

When it comes to designing a professional business card, choose a printer whose experienced graphic designers can answer your questions.

A well-designed business card can mean the difference between making a great first impression and coming across as an amateur. If you are looking for a business card printer in Arkansas, you may be wondering how you can make the best possible statement through this invaluable marketing tool. Arkansas Graphics has been meeting the state’s printing needs since 1974, which means we have answered countless questions about professional business card designs. Below are eight common questions our graphic designers hear while working with customers just like you.

1. “Will flashy, colorful business cards make me more memorable?”

Probably not. When you are dealing with a printed product that is as small as a business card, the saying “less is more” rings true. You want potential customers and colleagues to look at your business card, notice your name, and remember it. A design with too many colors or elements could be distracting, so a minimalist approach is often best.

2. “Should I list as many of my products as possible on the front of my business card?”

When it comes to creating a professional business card, the design principle of minimalism also applies to the text. The front of your card should include just the right amount of information. Adding a three- or four-word tagline to the contact information on the front of your business card is fine. Reserve the back for any product information that can turn a new business contact into a future customer.

3. “Is it worth paying a little extra for color business cards?”

Yes, especially if you have a multicolored logo that would complement a particular background color. Our experienced designers have a great deal of insight into the use of colors in marketing, so we can help you decide on a business card design that works with your unique brand.

4. “What factors affect the price of business cards?”

Business card orders are priced according to quantity, paper type, inks, special finishing requests, and die-cuts. Feel free to request a project quote for pricing information that is specific to your card’s design. As one of Arkansas’ oldest business card printers, we understand a client’s need to remain within a budget. We will work with you to provide the highest quality business cards at an affordable price.

5. “Can I get just a few hundred business cards printed?”

Of course. However, if you want color business cards that feature a logo or image, we recommend ordering more to offset the cost of setting up your design. Buying more business cards can lower the overall price per piece and ensure that you will not run out at an important conference or networking event.

6. “If I find a card I like online, can you print the same one for my company?”

We may not be able to print the same card due to copyright issues, but we can use it as inspiration and design a card that includes your favorite elements from that example. One of the benefits of working with our team to create a professional business card design is that you can receive a powerful piece of branding that is uniquely yours.

7. “What does it mean to add ‘tactile appeal’ to a business card design?”

Tactile appeal is a term that business card printers use to describe print finishes such as foil stamping, embossing, or die cutting. These embellishments can make your business card memorable and convey a sense of quality, so they play a large role in building brand awareness for your company.

8. “If I have never purchased business cards before, where should I get started?” 

We enjoy helping customers create a professional business card for the first time. Our helpful staff can look at your current corporate identity to create a design that will resonate with your brand. We can also discuss any inspiration or creative preferences you may have before turning them into a business card that you can proudly hand out to form new professional relationships.

If you would like a professional business card design from a printer in Arkansas, contact Arkansas Graphics today at 877-918-4847 to get an estimate for your project.

Arkansas Graphics8 Questions We Get Most About Professional Business Card Design

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