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5 Tips on How to Design the Perfect Business Card

Business cards remain a potent force for marketing your business, but only if you design them correctly. These tips on compelling business card designs can help to ensure that you make a memorable impression.

Of all the print advertising Arkansas businesses produce on a regular basis, one particular form of promotion has quietly taken its place as an absolute essential. The humble business card has the power to sell your brand or sink it, depending on how intelligently you have formatted cards and how accurately they convey the intended message and impression. Sadly, however, even the most image-conscious organizations can commit all-too-common errors that limit their cards’ effectiveness. Here are five pointers on business card design Arkansas brands should take to heart.

1. Push your most important information.

Ask yourself what information on your business card you most need your recipient to see and use. That key data usually includes the business name, the representative’s name, a phone number, an email address, and the company website. Resist the urge to litter the card with peripheral data such as multiple phone numbers, testimonial quotes and social media addresses — it only makes it harder for the recipient to find the important stuff.

2. Choose legible fonts.

Pick fonts that convey the proper mood or energy for your brand image while also offering easy readability. If you use two different fonts, make sure one is serif and the other is sans-serif for optimal clarity, and pay attention to spacing so the text never seems crowded. Make sure the fonts are large enough for quick, easy reading.

3. Let it bleed.

The bleed at the edges of a business card is just as important as it is on the edges of any other piece of print marketing. If you design your card without the bleed in mind, you may end up with a white border that can appear jarringly uneven with the slightest misalignment in the printing process. 3 to 5 millimeters should be sufficient.

4. Think twice before laminating.

Lamination or other specialized coatings can give your business cards a nice, glossy look, but you will lose some functionality in the process. You want your recipients to be able to write notes on the cards, but some pens simply cannot write well on laminated surfaces. A plain card surface will serve you better unless you really need/want that glossy finish.

5. Get into shape.

Different business card shapes have different advantages. A novel shape will garner more attention, and it may reflect a truly innovative brand better. A standard business card will fit in a standard business card holder, making it more likely that your recipient will carry it around. Choose the most sensible shape for your corporate identity and intended audience.

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Arkansas Graphics5 Tips on How to Design the Perfect Business Card

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