5 Logo and Graphic Design Trends to Watch for in 2018

Design is a key element of your brand image. For 2018, take your marketing efforts to the next level with these five innovative logo and graphic design trends.

There’s no getting around it; great covers sell books, and great logos bring in business. Your graphics and designs evoke unique thoughts and feelings in customers’ minds. Learn how to increase brand awareness with print in Arkansas and wherever else your ventures take you.

Experimental Typography

Handwritten or designed-from-scratch fonts will be leading the way soon. Businesses should play around with variable font sizes, multiple colors and gradients, interwoven text and images, symbolism, and applying photographic effects to text. Layers of patterns, geometric shapes, and photos of objects will be paired with text in “risky” ways to capture attention. In a way, experimental typography speaks to the uncertainty of the times and will be a key element in display graphics for Arkansas businesses.

Energizing Design

Vibrant colors, cute animals, and festive fonts are just the thing to evoke positive feelings among consumers. As companies evolve and adapt to new consumer tastes, many will add multiple color schemes to their palette. Colorful, high-energy design may not be new, but it’s something the world could use some more of.

Unique Social Media Profile Images

Default and stock images won’t cut it anymore. Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, your subscribers want to see an eye-catching profile image filled with personality. Creative vector designs, elegant artwork, and definitive logos are all powerful ways to brand your social pages. Bold, straightforward logos evoke professionalism. Colors and cartoon characters evoke fun. Stylish fonts and complex designs evoke elegance and sophistication. How you portray your brand on social, sets the tone for the experience your customers will have.

Custom GIFs

It’s 2018, and businesses will need to do better than pull out an aged meme to communicate with consumers. Whether it’s a simple vector animation or a carefully filmed sequence, custom-branded GIFs are all the rage. Put your team to work to create unique animations, and your followers will be more likely to share your content with friends.


Cinemagraphs were one of the more popular digital printing and creative options in Arkansas in 2017, and show no signs of slowing down in 2018. Simple yet attention-grabbing, cinemagraphs are GIFs frozen in time except for one focal element. Picture a flowing creek in an otherwise still forest or a car passing by in the reflection of a shop window. Cinemagraphs are often soothing and might just entice your visitors to stay a while and explore what else your site has to offer.

In a sea of competitors, great design makes your brand stand out. The professionals at Arkansas Graphics can help you make fresh, eye-catching, and professional design choices that will resonate in consumers’ minds. Contact us today to at (877) 918-4847 and let us help you take your designs to the next level.

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